My Encounter With The ‘Lap’ – Home Made, Singapore

I was given a couple of Laps (Pronounced as ‘Larb’) recently to sample and to be honest, this is my first time trying this. So what is Lap? Lap is the name for a traditional Hainanese pillow-shaped rice dumpling. It’s something like the Chinese rice dumplings (bak chang) but it is wrapped in strips of banana leaves weaved like a Malay ketupat (Malay rice dumpling). This traditional Lap is usually made during special occasions to serve to family and guests. So how come must go through so much trouble weaving the pillow shape and then finished gobbling down within one … Continue reading My Encounter With The ‘Lap’ – Home Made, Singapore

Hari Raya Dinner – Somewhere in Singapore

My colleagues and myself were invited to our Board of Director’s home for Hari Raya dinner last night and boy what a feast! His wife is such a good cook, that we were stuffing our faces from the time we stepped into the house! Of course, the nicely decorated house hasn’t gone unnoticed, very nicely laid out and most of the furniture in the house were made by his own factory. Didn’t snap pics around the house ‘cos won’t be nice to post those pics here without his permission. ;P Anyways, check out the pics below and the awesome traditional … Continue reading Hari Raya Dinner – Somewhere in Singapore

Home-cooked Thai Food @ Purl’s

I’m back in Singapore and have been busy with medical check ups and running errands. It is very important to get your body checked up annually, so that you can eat more! 😉 Met up with a few friends as well over coffee and meals ever since I came back. And last Sat, I was invited to a pal’s place for dinner and it was my first time visiting her place. The menu for that night was Thai as she is like me, a foodie as well. Check out the food below: Dinner was simply awesome especially for someone like me … Continue reading Home-cooked Thai Food @ Purl’s

Gluten/Casein-Free Carrot Cakes

Ok I know some of you must be thinking why would anyone wanna make those lovely carrot cake gluten and dairy free?!? Well it’s something my friend of 18 years, Nur has embarked upon. I was asked to taste test this bunch of carrot cakes made specially for autistic kids. The gluten (wheat) free, casein (dairy) free diet is the most popular of the specialized diets, and there is evidence that the diet is often helpful in lessening autistic symptoms such as impulsive behaviors, lack of focus, and even speech problems. So here are the pics of what I ate: … Continue reading Gluten/Casein-Free Carrot Cakes