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[FOOD REVIEW] Rilek 1 Korner – Punggol Settlement, Singapore (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)


I’m typing this entirely on my mobile phone so please bear with me for my spelling mistakes… ;P

Rilek 1 Korner (R1K) which literally means Relax One Corner, is a catch phrase for our Malay friends which means chillin’ at one corner. Reason is at the corner, when you squat or hang around there while chillin’, chances are you won’t be in the way of anyone. Nevertheless, the boss of R1K, Zul, decided to use this name not for any puns but simply it’s easy to remember and most importantly, is what he and his partner wants to translate throughout the culture of this restaurant to be a casual chill out spot for people to enjoy their food.

I was contacted by Zul to go try his food after his revamp of kitchen, staffing as well as menu items . Prior to this, he admitted it wasn’t very organised due to the shortage of manpower. Well I can totally relate to his difficulties as hiring in F&B industry has never been easy, especially after the increasing restrictions to hire foreign talents. I went online to do a little research on R1K and the reviews were not very encouraging. Mostly complaining about the service and price, and some really got very personal. So I was there just last night with another fellow blogger, Rachelle (@hiamjio) who is known for her strict taste buds.

When arrived the location, the restaurant is already half packed and we were greeted by the friendly boss himself who then introduced us to his team and new manager. The food arranged for our tasting are typically their best sellers and check out the pics and comments below:


See the people filling up the place.

Cereal Prawns $20

This cereal prawn dish is actually better than expected. In fact, it’s better than some of the tse char places I know. Reason is the cereal is not too sweet and packs a hidden punch of chilli padi within. The prawns are also very fresh and the sweetness from it is present.

Seabass Tiga Rasa $25

This fish is so fresh and tasty, you can taste the sea water in it. The sweet and sour sauce, according to Rach, tasted like mummy’s cooking! It has the traditional tse char taste and very good for sweet and sour @#%€ which I can’t mention here lah. The fish I reckon was around 800g to 1kg and a very good dish for that price!

Seafood Platter For Two $18

Seafood platter wasn’t complete for this period due to the lack of supplies for mussels which are flame grilled over with cheese and sambal inside. Nevertheless the calamari was crunchy outside and tender inside, prawn fritters nice and fresh while scallops were only so so. This dish was served with a very nice garlicky chilli sauce as well as their own version of BBQ sauce, which I thought could be a little tangier.

Seafood Hor Fun $7

Seafood Hor Fun is one of their individual staple dishes which we thought we should try and Rach requested for that. The hor fun lacked a little wok hei and was a little bland. Feed backed to them already and they will make it happen thereafter for a more complete finish for their customers. But the seafood ingredients used were damn fresh.

Seafood Tom Yum $13

Another extra order request to try this soup. Again ingredients used are very fresh, taste wise we cannot expect it to taste like a typical Thai tom yum. The soup is a little on the tomato base side but the flavours from the lemon grass and kaffir leaves were still apparent. It actually tasted quite good when it was cooled. 🙂

Lemongrass Ginger Mocktail $8

This homemade drink is ordered by Rach and a little sweet according to her. Nevertheless this is one of their more popular refreshing mocktail.

Lychee Cucumber Tea $3
I ordered this fusion tea which is newly introduced and I must say it was very nice and refreshing! The lychee gave the tea a very nice body while the cucumber adds a nice smooth finish to it.

Outdoor Seating

Coincidentally, it is Zul’s birthday today and there was a surprise cake planned by his wife for him. So we were fortunate to have celebrated with him on his hatch day! Happy birthday Zul!!!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: No doubt R1K’s food is good. Menu is pretty good range and I heard there’ll be new dishes every quarter.

Portion: Average

Service: Very good. I observed that from an order is placed, the time taken for individual dishes was less than 10 mins and for mains, 10-20 mins. Everything is cooked on the spot.

Price: As listed above. Pretty reasonable for a SEA FRONT location!

RTE: Yeah definitely!

Location: 3 Punggol Point Road #02-02 Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828694. Tues to Sun 3pm to 11pm. Last order 10.30pm. Reservations: ‪8201 4212‬ (Call/Whatsapp/Text) Opens throughout CNY period! Accepts cash and NETS only.

Overall Review: The boss Zul is a passionate business owner who is operating on such a bigger scale with higher operations costs for his first time. I reckon it’s a little unfair to make sure quick judgements and slam those bad reviews online. You can tell from his passion with him being so hands-on in his biz and doing something about his flaws by revamping his operations and staffing issues. It is already tough to run a F&B business, it would be good that constructive criticisms are given there and then rather than hiding behind your computer/mobile devices giving destructive reviews. I reckon we should support local businesses as much as we can UNLESS they do not help themselves. Agree?

Tell you what guys, for the period of Feb till March 2015, show this blog entry of Rilek 1 Korner on your mobile devices to any staff, you’ll enjoy 10% off your bill! How’s that for a great start to a new Lunar New Year?

Peace out,
Big Roy

Rouse Cafe – Dunlop Street, Singapore


Was looking around for some good coffees around town with a friend and found this place while walking down Dunlop Street. Not exactly easy to spot as this cafe is hidden behind a vintage signboard. As this is a halal cafe, the place can be quite crowded on weekends and tea time.

The cafe is inside this black old frontage.
View from the outside.

Lots of old furnitures
Certificate of Excellence and some antiques.
Wooden boxes for tables… unique but not friendly.
My latte. Not very strong, could be better. Good effort on the latte art, but taste comes first.
Matcha Cake. If I can remember clearly it is around S$7.50. Quite a big piece and very rich. Like a green tea brownie. Not too bad.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Cake is alright although I will not order again. Coffee can be improved. This cafe is famous for their Crab Patties, didn’t get a chance to try it but it should be good as many people ordered it.

Portion: Average

Service: Self-serve at the counter, after which they will send to your table.

Ambience: Industrial. Sat in the middle, not comfy. W hole place smell of their signature dish, crab patties.

Price: $7.50 (If I can recall) and latte was $5.50. Not very cheap.

RTE: Maybe.

Location: 36 Dunlop Street  Tel: 6292 2642.

Hari Raya Dinner – Somewhere in Singapore


My colleagues and myself were invited to our Board of Director’s home for Hari Raya dinner last night and boy what a feast! His wife is such a good cook, that we were stuffing our faces from the time we stepped into the house! Of course, the nicely decorated house hasn’t gone unnoticed, very nicely laid out and most of the furniture in the house were made by his own factory. Didn’t snap pics around the house ‘cos won’t be nice to post those pics here without his permission. ;P Anyways, check out the pics below and the awesome traditional Arabic food!

It all started with these gorgeous cakes… All homemade and the cakes are so nicely moist, I could’ve eaten up the whole plate especially the kueh lapis (layered cake)… But of course I had to be polite… and save some stomach space for dinner! ;P
Then I moved on to try the other cookies and tarts, except from the crackers, his wife made them all… I need to marry a wife like that man!!!
Our awesome Arabic dinner is served!
Nowadays, the camera has a go at the food first instead of humans… Tsk tsk tsk… My colleagues haha
This dish which looks like the Indian Briyani, it’s not. It’ll be an insult to the cook if you’ve guessed it out loud. This dish is known as Chicken Mandhi Rice, a traditional Arabic cuisine. The thick gravy on top is the most tedious to prepare. 5kgs of tomatoes melted down to this thick puree with loads of spices and onions. The whole process takes about 2 days to prepare. Then the sauce is then roasted with the chicken and stuffed with eggs.
Made with love. I couldn’t emphasize how much the love and patience to do this, so just whack!
Moroccan Pomegranate Salad with Tahini Sauce – Served cold and very refreshing to go with your rice. Tahini sauce is made from sesame seed and it adds a very nice fragrance to the dish.
Salsa is also a cold dish, spicy and sourish, very appetising!
Fruit Chutney also to go with the rice. Not a big fan, but tried it and it was good.

The dinner was really good and we tried our best to eat as much as we can but we still left almost half of the large plate behind. As much as I would like to tapao, nah, not so thick skinned. Nevertheless, I’m writing this blog entry to show my deep appreciation. Thank you Mrs Matter, you can invite me over to try your food ANYTIME OK? 😉

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe – Simpang Bedok, Singapore


Didn’t know this Simpang Bedok place changed so much… The last time I went there I don’t remember seeing this Tang Tea House or even the mall beside it. But it was a pleasant surprise, thanks to a friend who brought me there. This place is practically a haven for Muslims who wanna indulge in Chinese cuisine ‘cos they are a registered halal dining place. So if you have a bunch of friends who wanna dine together and you may have some Muslim friends in the group, then this is prolly one of the places to head to.

They took up I think 3 units and there’s airconditioned seating inside on the left.
Inside… weekends will be full…
Outdoor seatings
They have a lot to offer
Hainanese Chicken Rice – Seriously this is pretty good. Portion is a little though.
Special Fried Beehoon – This is their specialty and very nice. Love the little fried shrimp on top and the sambal chilli is awesome!
The sambal chilli for the beehoon
Dim sum
So much fillings in there!
More dim sum
Sambal chilli to go along with your food

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Yummy and thumbs up!

Portion: Average

Service: Pretty good and attentive.

Ambience: They have it all. Indoor seating with no air con, indoor aircon and outdoor seating… your choice! (During peak hours, no choice. Just take whatever tables available!)

Price: Pricing is pretty reasonable.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 357 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469545. Tel: 6445 9100. Opening Hours: 11am to 4am