Nasi Lemak – Tiger Airways, Singapore

This is my 2nd time in history writing about flight food(First one was for Jetstar No, I really do have a lot of backlogs for eatwithroy but just wanna highlight the shocks you can get ordering flight food on budget airlines. I was on my way back to Shenzhen and was damn hungry as I didn’t have any dinner. So I asked the flight attendant what would they recommend. Nasi Lemak was highly recommended. So I decided to order since it’s their best seller and it looks pretty good. So I ordered the set, which is more worth it … Continue reading Nasi Lemak – Tiger Airways, Singapore

Dinner On Jetstar

Yeah you better believe it, I’m gonna blog on airplane food… maybe because I paid for it… haha… Was on my way back to Singapore from HK and was famished and tired from a whole day of running around… very long story on how long I was standing and travelled. PM me and I will tell you slowly… haha… So as usual I always pay more for the seats with more leg room cos being so big size, no choice lah. Though the seats are good, there are 2 very irritating problems sitting on these seats. The middle part of … Continue reading Dinner On Jetstar