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Anjalichocolat (Artisan Chocolatier) – Bukit Timah, Singapore


I was recently invited to a chocolatier shop located at PasarBella @ The Grandstand, the old turf club of Singapore. This little shop is tucked among many other little shops in the farmers market where you can find loads of awesome gourmet foods and fresh produce… at a more premium price of course. I was there early and walked around before I came back the shop to introduce myself and got to know the owner, Ms Anjali Gupta. Anjali was a banker, quit from her high paying job and started this passion of hers. I really take my hat off for people who do that! A very nice and friendly lady, who took her time to explain what goes into every flavour that I have tried that session.

Beautiful chandlier lights up the shop
Beautiful chandlier lights up the shop
Display of chocolates for the media guests.
I was served a glass of Moscata first before tasting the chocolates. Moscato wines are sparkling sort and extremely fruity, light (Usually less than 8% alcohol) and sweet. Great pairing with the white and milk chocolates.
Menu of the day. Never more than 6 types as our taste buds will not be able to differentiate.
Dark, Milk and White. The 3 plains but serves as a base for excellent fusion.
Some chocolate pieces to ‘warm’ up our palettes.
First up was the Lemongrass Coconut Truffles. A unique blend using natural lemongrass to infuse the flavour into the white chocolate and coated in grated coconut. The grated coconut represents Singapore, hence it is a custom chocolate to mark this flagship shop! The lemongrass flavour was a little weak though due to using natural ingredients instead of flavour enhancers in the chocolates. Nevertheless was a nice refreshing start!
Next, Salted Caramel BonBons.
The salted caramel ganache inside is lightly savoury and not so sweet. Notice how thin the milk chocolate shell is. Art.
Anjali explaining each chocolate featured for that day.
Earl Grey Tea Citrus – Great for tea lovers. Cleverly infusing the fragrant tea with citrus (Lemon juice and zest) into the ganache, this would be a lovely surprise for any recipient getting this for a gift!
As we move into the dark chocolates, our glasses switched from white to the lovely Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé. Didn’t note the brand and origin of the wine, but it has characteristics of raspberries, which suggest it could be from a cooler climate. Nevertheless, it is lightly sweet, full of fruitiness, great pairing with the dark ones.
Star Anise Bonbons
The Star Anise Bonbons – Lovely combination with dark chocolate shell as the spiciness just blends in so well. Best with a sip of the Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé wine.
Strawberry Cumin – Not in the menu and to replace Fig And Ginger Truffles (Ran out of stocks). The strawberry taste was a little overpowering the fragrance of the cumin. However this chocolate is still in the experimental stage.
Almond Rochers
The Almond Rochers are filled with loads of crunchy almond slices surrounded with dark chocolate. Think my mum would like this!
Noir – Rich dark chocolates meant for the hardcore dark chocolate lovers like myself. Made from 71% dark Belgium chocolates. Yums!
Tiramisu is not in the menu but to me this is an interesting chocolate.
Tiramisu has a grounded beans inside the au lait ganache, very nice and unique in taste! (Ok I’m a coffee lover!)
Display Case
For those who loves chocolate fondue, you can get the chocolate chips here too!
Price list
Diwali (Deepavali) Gifts Sets in awesome gift boxes. The 9-piece box is going for $31 and the 16-piece box is going for $46.
Anjali and Big Roy.


Anjalichocolat is a budding brand with loads of passion and focus. These are the 2 key components to success. Passion from the owner herself and the focus is from making the best chocolates using natural ingredients for their customers. It is definitely a lot more work as compared to dripping a flavour into the mixture! Kudos to them for that! These chocolates are definitely worth buying and giving to the most deserving.


PasarBella The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, A Farmers Market, Singapore 287994.

You can also email them for any customised projects or events. Email: Facebook:

Jie Bakery (杰传统面包咖啡屋) – Kovan, Singapore


I am writing about this confectionery because of how they re-branded themselves and still sticking to making traditional bread that I ate when I was a young boy. As a child, I always love the loaves which has colourful swirls that are so attractive! Maybe that’s why I love bread so much… Hmmm…

Situated along the busy food street of Upper Serangoon Road which connects to Hougang, Sengkang and Punngol, there is no lack of traffic here… literally. So if you’re around that area, pop by and check them out.

Many buns and breads to choose from…
Lovely colourful loaves are still my favourite though!
Value-added service. For those who would love margarine, peanut butter, kaya or jam to go along, ask them to spread for you so you can just eat it immediately or the next morning. Saves you time in preparing brekkie!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Thumbs up for keeping the tradition and no preservatives used in the baking! Price has escalated quite a bit, maybe because of the rental.

Location: 953 Upper Serangoon Road.

Barcook Bakery @ OUB Centre


A friend told me about this bakery which opened not too long ago and I heard it’s always long queue during lunch time. So she ta pao for me to try. She bought me the raisin bun with cream cheese inside, which apparently is selling like errr… hot buns now…

Plastic bag that holds all the buns... Why Barcook leh? Funny name...
Looks like an ordinary bun right? Sorry a bit squashed... my bad...
Check out the big juicy raisins... I just love raisins with bread! Hmmm... let me rephrase that.... I just love bread!!!
Check out the cream cheese inside... the taste is just heavenly lah. The cream cheese inside gives it a little sourish yoghurty taste. The buns are full of very very fragrant milky taste and scent. Just by smelling the buns makes you wanna eat it right away!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Just perfect. This is what buns should taste like. Tasted other type of buns also. Try the Nacho Cheese Bun… you’ll be in for a surprise. 🙂

Portion: Average

Price: $1.20 or something like that… was told only $1+

RTE: Yeah!!! I wanna try their other buns!!!

Location: Basement of OUB Centre @ One Raffles Place. Opposite Starhub.


Muffins By SCORE Bakery


Got some samples of muffins from SCORE recently which stands for Singapore Corporate For Rehabilitative Enterprises. SCORE is a statutory board set up under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is a member of the Home Team. As part of Singapore’s correctional system, SCORE enhances the employability of offenders and prepare them for the eventual reintegration back to the workforce. SCORE also aims to create a seamless throughcare environment to facilitate their transition from incarceration to community. (Copied from their website :P)

Neat packaging which can be used for giving out for weddings and events.
Pandan Flavour
Pandan inside
Chocolate Flavour

Contact Details

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Pretty good and moist inside. At least it’s not dry. Taste is also quite nice. But of course not as good as those which cost $3.50 each at some branded cafes.

Portion: Good size for hi-tea buffets or giveaways.

Price: Call them and ask lah…

RTE: I would like to try their other confectioneries like bread, buns, etc ( Not forgetting they also have catering services. So if any of you guys ever order from them, please post here or invite me to try! 🙂 Check out their Halal catering at

Location: Contact them for more details.

Notes: If we don’t give them a chance, who would?