DoubleShots Handcrafted Coffee – North Bridge Road, Singapore

Sorry it’s been a while but time wasn’t in my control. My work/life is in total imbalance now and I’m working on balancing it again. Nevertheless, here I am, writing again, hoping you guys are still hanging there. Doubleshots is a place not as popular as the other cafes but I found them anyhow. I was so curious about this place as I have passed many times and finally I decided to visit one day. The cafe is a very small one and hardly sits more than 8 pax inside. There are a few alfresco seats outside but limited. So … Continue reading DoubleShots Handcrafted Coffee – North Bridge Road, Singapore

My Crazy Cafe Spree

As per what was mentioned in my other blog, I went on a cafe spree on Tuesday, to discover the coffee culture in Singapore. All 6 cafes were highly recommended with another 2 regrettably, were closed on Tues. Hence I didn’t have the chance to visit Nylon and Strangers Reunion. Strangers Reunion was moving their premise to a bigger unit 2 doors down hence my timing couldn’t meet as I was flying back to China on Wednesday. Nevertheless, congrats to Strangers Reunion on their move to their new premise and hope I can try your coffees one day! When … Continue reading My Crazy Cafe Spree

Manhattan Business Restaurant – Hougang, Singapore

This is actually a bad review for this coffee shop located at Block 811 Hougang Central, just opposite the entrance of Hougang Mall’s main entrance… Dunno why it’s named as a restaurant but that’s not the main issue. The main issue with this place is the drinks stall. The drinks are all overpriced… Overpriced is ok with anyone I guess but at least make your drinks taste good right? A Kopi-C kosong (coffee with evaporated milk & no sugar) cost $1.20 (or was it $1.30?) and totally watered down! I was basically drinking hot water with a little coffee taste … Continue reading Manhattan Business Restaurant – Hougang, Singapore