Penang Char Kway Teow – Bedok, Singapore

This is truly a hidden gem tucked in between so many stalls with so many pictures of food hanging all over the place. Was here for lunch after doctor’s for Diana and I noticed this old uncle do not have that many orders like the other stalls in this coffeeshop. I told Diana that I had a feeling that the food might be good. So I approached the stall.

Mr Leong, the old uncle who retired being a crane operator is 77 years old this year and have been operating this stall for over a year. This is a very scary sight because at this age, he should be happily retired and living his life. There could be a lot of factors to consider but I’m leaning towards happy and positive thoughts… maybe his passion for cooking supersedes everything. So ya, here he is answering my questions and the first thing I asked him was,”Uncle, if I had to eat one thing, what would you recommend. He pointed the Penang Char Kway Teow. I told him ok let’s do it. $3 one plate. Reviews below:

The aroma already passed my test!
Soft and nice
For $3 there’s a lot of ingredients
Burp! #worldcleanplate
Uncle Leong

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: No doubt about it, very close to authenticity. Not overly salty, flavour just right. Wok hei controlled well without the burnt taste. Even Diana said it was good!

Portion: Good size for $3!

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: $3.

RTE: Definitely! I got a feeling the Char Beehoon is also good!

Location: Block 418 Bedok North Avenue 2, Epic Haus Coffeeshop.



As I was devouring my Teochew char kway teow from my previous post, I spotted another char kway teow stall but with a long queue. So after I finished my plate of goodness, I went to queue to check out how good this is. I even asked the people queueing why this has a longer queue. He told me the kway teow here is a lot darker hence sweeter than the previous stall. So here’s my verdict.


Definitely a lot richer than previous, darker and more oily. The use of pork lard is abundant hence more flavourful with the lard bursting in every bite. The cockles are also more plump and more ingredients are used like fish cake and Chinese sausage. However the previous one is a lot lighter in taste and great for people who do not want too greasy after taste. But for some would say, wanna eat these fatty foods, might as well go all the way! 😁




Quite a lot too for the price!


Aunty taking and packing orders. Uncle focus on the frying.

Waiting Time:

30 mins.



Stall 18 Zion Food Centre, 70 Zion Road.


Was recommended by my passenger to try cos he patronise this stall every weekend. According to him, this is the best he has tried. So here I am. 😊


The Kway Teow here is fried in lighter tones and I kinda like the texture. Very very tender. Seems like they have braised the flat and yellow noodles prior to re-frying again. Taste wise is not as rich, and not so oily too.




Quite a lot for $3.50!


Grumpy uncle. Biz must be bad that day.

Waiting Time:

Less than 10mins.




Stall 20 Zion Riverside Food Centre, 70 Zion Road.

209 Kovan Hougang Market Food Centre

Was around Hougang today so I pop in to try this stall that sells only Char Kway Teow. The stall is Lai Ji Cooked Food at unit #01-39. Stall do not have any ratings and own by an uncle. He has a China lady who is helping him and her frying is pretty good as well.

Char Kway Teow
Char Kway Teow
Not too oily and very tasty

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Very tasty, not too sweet, not too oily. That is why there is a queue during peak hours.

Portion: Very good for the price.

Price: $2.50 per plate

RTE: Yes, a few times already… haha…


翠绿Fried Kway Teow (Beach Road Hawker)

Was a little hungry after my performance at Jurong Point on Sat so I was driving along Beach Road then I turned into the place to check out some good food. I know the claypot rice is famous there but they were not ready yet. So I was on the upper level and walking around and found this pretty famous char kway teow place. I know I’m not suppose to feature famous ones but they are affordable and no pork/lard for my muslim friends!

This stall at #01-91 near the middle staircase, needs no introduction. Too many features… too many rules hanging in front of their stall… Self-service lah, no extra plate lah, no extra chopsticks and spoon lah, extra cockles how much lah, etc… Hence the whole bloody stall front is crowded with a lot of reading crap while you wait in the queue…

I was there at about 4pm hence during that time not many people so I was next in the queue. I sat right in front of the stall as you can see from this pic.

See all the signs of the stall...
See all the signs of the stall…

So I ordered my $4 plate it came after a 5 mins wait. Their signage claim that they use superior stock to fry their kway teow… hence I have to try it. When my plate of char kway teow was ready, I was asked to stand up and walked over to the stall to pick it up myself even though there were no one else in the queue… for this, I’ll discount the stall a lot on their rating.

Veg on the char kway teow... like the one in Pasir Panjang
Veg on the char kway teow... like the one in Pasir Panjang. Ok portioning only for $4...


This shot is for my cockles friends... 12pcs in the $4 plate...
This shot is for my cockles friends... 12pcs in the $4 plate...


Rating: 4/5 (Would have been 4.5 cos of their poor attitude. Too famous perhaps?)

Taste: Quite good. Not too sweet. Cockles were fresh. Kway Teow was tender and nice. Somehow without pork lard, the taste is not as fragrant as it should be. Will try to feature the other one at Pasir Panjang… I believe that’s original.

Portion: Not very big plate for $4. Sad. After that you might have to order the Goreng Pisang Raja beside it… it’s very nice. 🙂

Price: $3 or $4.

RTE: Maybe if I have nothing else to eat at Beach Road Hawker Centre.