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Wimbly Lu – Upper Serangoon, Singapore


Seriously if not for my buddy that I will never find a place like this to chill over some cakes and coffee. Tucked in a row of shop houses within the neighborhood of Jalan Riang, this bistro is gaining a lot of popularity even though it’s quite a distance away from the main road of Upper Serangoon. The difference about this place is, the location is totally inaccessible and yet they can get really crowded. So we headed there for some coffee and managed to find a parking lot just in front of the place!

On the floor in front of entrance.
We were greeted by an array of chocolates, truffles and tarts.
Wow nice and bright.
Some seating inside.
Small corner to entertain the hyper ones
Love this concept of showing off the food preparation!
Their signature Root Beer Float Cake on display
View from where I sit….
Sky roof!
Menu under the glass table top.
So I ordered. Came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake tasted like a root beer brownie. Very interesting and goes well with the ice cream.
My latte $5. Pretty well extracted. Technique is pretty good for milk steaming.
Wow they have Little Creatures dark and pale ales here! Little Creatures is from Perth, Australia and very very popular in Australia.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Overall pretty good. Didn’t try the mains but should be good. The cakes and coffees are pretty good.

Portion: Average.

Service: Very good.

Ambience: Cosy, well air-conditioned, a little crampy but still manageable.

Price: The cake is $6.00 and latte is $5.00. You can check out their menu and opening hours here (

RTE: Yes, but first, need transport!

Location: 15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987. Tel: 6289 1489

Rouse Cafe – Dunlop Street, Singapore


Was looking around for some good coffees around town with a friend and found this place while walking down Dunlop Street. Not exactly easy to spot as this cafe is hidden behind a vintage signboard. As this is a halal cafe, the place can be quite crowded on weekends and tea time.

The cafe is inside this black old frontage.
View from the outside.

Lots of old furnitures
Certificate of Excellence and some antiques.
Wooden boxes for tables… unique but not friendly.
My latte. Not very strong, could be better. Good effort on the latte art, but taste comes first.
Matcha Cake. If I can remember clearly it is around S$7.50. Quite a big piece and very rich. Like a green tea brownie. Not too bad.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Cake is alright although I will not order again. Coffee can be improved. This cafe is famous for their Crab Patties, didn’t get a chance to try it but it should be good as many people ordered it.

Portion: Average

Service: Self-serve at the counter, after which they will send to your table.

Ambience: Industrial. Sat in the middle, not comfy. W hole place smell of their signature dish, crab patties.

Price: $7.50 (If I can recall) and latte was $5.50. Not very cheap.

RTE: Maybe.

Location: 36 Dunlop Street  Tel: 6292 2642.

Dulcet & Studio – River Valley, Singapore


Came here after dinner one day for desserts and coffee, totally unplanned as I didn’t know the existence of this eatery in the first place. Looks cosy and spotted some specialty desserts, that’s why I ended here with my dinner kakis.

This place was rather crowded for a weekend evening, but we managed to grab a table nearer to the front as it was nearing closing time. Friends ordered the desserts and these are what they came back with…

Service Counter
Some orange jelly dessert which is really nice and refreshing. The orange is sweet and larger than normal oranges.
Strawberry cake is soso… Can pass…
Earl Grey Cake is pretty good. Light with a fragrant earl grey tea aroma.
My Latte – Obviously from an automatic machine BUT, the beans used were good. Great aroma and body.\

Rating: 3.5/5.

Taste: Overall pretty ok. The strawberry cake was a let down. But the others were good.

Portion: Average.

Service: Pretty good.

Ambience: Nice and cosy.

Price: Average. Paid by friends so dunno. ;P

RTE: Maybe only.

Location: 01-41/42 Liang Court, 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179030. Tel: 6338 9248. Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm.

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe – Simpang Bedok, Singapore


Didn’t know this Simpang Bedok place changed so much… The last time I went there I don’t remember seeing this Tang Tea House or even the mall beside it. But it was a pleasant surprise, thanks to a friend who brought me there. This place is practically a haven for Muslims who wanna indulge in Chinese cuisine ‘cos they are a registered halal dining place. So if you have a bunch of friends who wanna dine together and you may have some Muslim friends in the group, then this is prolly one of the places to head to.

They took up I think 3 units and there’s airconditioned seating inside on the left.
Inside… weekends will be full…
Outdoor seatings
They have a lot to offer
Hainanese Chicken Rice – Seriously this is pretty good. Portion is a little though.
Special Fried Beehoon – This is their specialty and very nice. Love the little fried shrimp on top and the sambal chilli is awesome!
The sambal chilli for the beehoon
Dim sum
So much fillings in there!
More dim sum
Sambal chilli to go along with your food

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Yummy and thumbs up!

Portion: Average

Service: Pretty good and attentive.

Ambience: They have it all. Indoor seating with no air con, indoor aircon and outdoor seating… your choice! (During peak hours, no choice. Just take whatever tables available!)

Price: Pricing is pretty reasonable.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 357 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469545. Tel: 6445 9100. Opening Hours: 11am to 4am 

Five & Dime Eatery – River Valley, Singapore


To be honest, ever since I was based overseas, I lost count of the number of new eateries and cafes that have been sprouting out in every corner in this small country. Even as I speak now, there may be a couple of cafes being set up… Five & Dime was introduced by a friend as we were looking for a place for coffee and dessert. So we took a drive there and this place is really convenient for parking your car as they have free parking at the Teochew Clan Association (I think) beside.

Eatery front
They reserved a table for me! Awwwww…. 😉
Service counter
The Nutella tart looked damn good but I like Carrot Cakes more…
Friend’s Creme Brulee ($12), pretty well done and tasted pretty good. Quite pricey though.
Piccolo Latte ($5) with 2 traditional candy biscuit
Super nostalgic
Carrot Cake ($12) – Love the taste of this carrot cake especially the moist in the cake. Don’t really like the layer of condense milk on top though, still prefer the cream cheese topping. Nevertheless, this cake is pretty awesome.
Perfect moist and lots of fillings inside.
My Cafe Latte ($6) – Very well extraction, average milk foaming. I repeated my order for this.
Contact details and location

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Lovely desserts and coffees. Will be trying their mains one of these days.

Portion: Average.

Service: Really good.

Ambience: Pretty comfy, not very big place hence can get crowded most of the time.

Price: See food pics above.

RTE: Yes, need to try their mains!

Contacts & Location: See last pic.

Tuckshop Cafe – 178 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore


I had to write about this place where I had lunch today. It was a really horrible experience. Please note that this is not related to The Tuckshop located at Guillemard Road (which I’ve yet to visit).

I ordered the Cheeseburger ($12.50+) and a latte ($4.90+) and the burger came around 15 mins later. The menu stated handmade burgers so I wanted to try how good it was. see my comments below:

Lunch crowd… they are actually a furniture company…
Menu on the board
Latte, really? It was seriously bland and obviously not trained to prepare such coffees. I rather drink the coffeeshop ones…
The first cheese burger that came… I was looking for the cheese… I took a bite, didn’t suspect anything, then took another, then smelled the burger, it smelled sour. Obviously the burger patty is not fresh. So I returned it, the chef promised me he’ll make another fresh one for me.
The second burger came… Same sour smell and no beef aroma and taste. Look at the colour, it’s probably soaked in the water to be defrosted or frozen for the longest time. To be fair, the buns were nicely toasted, so I ate the buns. The oil that was used to fry the fries, need to change… Reused oil smell…
I left the cafe with this second piece of patty on my plate… Hope they got the hint…

Not gonna do any rating. For $12.50+ I could have eaten 3 Big Mac’s which taste a lot better even though pink slime. How difficult is it to prepare a handmade burger? It’s so easy as long as your ingredients are fresh! I make them all the time!

I felt the chef wanted to test if I’m complaining for the sake of complaining by serving the same batch of overdue beef patty. I guess me leaving the beef patty behind told him not to mess with the customers ever again and respect the customers who are paying so much for your food. Tsk!