Wimbly Lu – Upper Serangoon, Singapore

Seriously if not for my buddy that I will never find a place like this to chill over some cakes and coffee. Tucked in a row of shop houses within the neighborhood of Jalan Riang, this bistro is gaining a lot of popularity even though it’s quite a distance away from the main road of Upper Serangoon. The difference about this place is, the location is totally inaccessible and yet they can get really crowded. So we headed there for some coffee and managed to find a parking lot just in front of the place! Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: Overall pretty … Continue reading Wimbly Lu – Upper Serangoon, Singapore

Rouse Cafe – Dunlop Street, Singapore

Was looking around for some good coffees around town with a friend and found this place while walking down Dunlop Street. Not exactly easy to spot as this cafe is hidden behind a vintage signboard. As this is a halal cafe, the place can be quite crowded on weekends and tea time. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Cake is alright although I will not order again. Coffee can be improved. This cafe is famous for their Crab Patties, didn’t get a chance to try it but it should be good as many people ordered it. Portion: Average Service: Self-serve at the counter, … Continue reading Rouse Cafe – Dunlop Street, Singapore

Dulcet & Studio – River Valley, Singapore

Came here after dinner one day for desserts and coffee, totally unplanned as I didn’t know the existence of this eatery in the first place. Looks cosy and spotted some specialty desserts, that’s why I ended here with my dinner kakis. This place was rather crowded for a weekend evening, but we managed to grab a table nearer to the front as it was nearing closing time. Friends ordered the desserts and these are what they came back with… Rating: 3.5/5. Taste: Overall pretty ok. The strawberry cake was a let down. But the others were good. Portion: Average. Service: … Continue reading Dulcet & Studio – River Valley, Singapore

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe – Simpang Bedok, Singapore

Didn’t know this Simpang Bedok place changed so much… The last time I went there I don’t remember seeing this Tang Tea House or even the mall beside it. But it was a pleasant surprise, thanks to a friend who brought me there. This place is practically a haven for Muslims who wanna indulge in Chinese cuisine ‘cos they are a registered halal dining place. So if you have a bunch of friends who wanna dine together and you may have some Muslim friends in the group, then this is prolly one of the places to head to. Rating: 5/5. … Continue reading Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe – Simpang Bedok, Singapore

Five & Dime Eatery – River Valley, Singapore

To be honest, ever since I was based overseas, I lost count of the number of new eateries and cafes that have been sprouting out in every corner in this small country. Even as I speak now, there may be a couple of cafes being set up… Five & Dime was introduced by a friend as we were looking for a place for coffee and dessert. So we took a drive there and this place is really convenient for parking your car as they have free parking at the Teochew Clan Association (I think) beside. Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: Lovely desserts and … Continue reading Five & Dime Eatery – River Valley, Singapore

Tuckshop Cafe – 178 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore

I had to write about this place where I had lunch today. It was a really horrible experience. Please note that this is not related to The Tuckshop located at Guillemard Road (which I’ve yet to visit). I ordered the Cheeseburger ($12.50+) and a latte ($4.90+) and the burger came around 15 mins later. The menu stated handmade burgers so I wanted to try how good it was. see my comments below: Not gonna do any rating. For $12.50+ I could have eaten 3 Big Mac’s which taste a lot better even though pink slime. How difficult is it to … Continue reading Tuckshop Cafe – 178 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore