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Ju Shin Jung 주신정 Korean BBQ Buffet – Guillemard, Singapore


To be honest, I didn’t know about this Korean restaurant and I heard they have 3 outlets already in Singapore. Originated from Korea, I understand they have only just one flagship restaurant there. Nevertheless, they are doing well over in Singapore.

My god brother brought me to this place at Guillemard Road, where the Singapore Badminton Hall is and learnt from the Korean manageress that they moved there from their former place at East Coast. Ju Shin Jung(주신정), if I can remember correctly, means ‘from the heart’, which is what this restaurant chain sets out to do; good service and food from the heart. <3<3<3

This premise has lots of space, and even private rooms for private parties. Staffs are a mix of different nationalities of Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese Nationals, etc., which I believe some are students doing part-time work and the Korean lady boss also helping in the serving of guests. Although a buffet place, they do have ala carte options for those who don’t wanna indulge in loads of BBQ meats and stuff themselves silly. I might try their Ginseng Chicken next time I’m back… need to 补补身体! (rejuvenate in chinese)

View from the road outside, just below G Spa
Restaurant main entrance
Great corner to keep the little ones entertained… or self-entertained… ;P
Main hall with rooms behind
Custom-made table grill tops
Branding wor…
Ok I didn’t know what this was initially until….
You add water and they become your wet towels! Tsk tsk I’m damn sua ku… what to do, always feature cheap and good food mah…
Unlimited bottles of tea and water… plus point for them.
Menu for buffet… I would go for the bibimbab and the beef soups… tofu soup wasn’t that ideal for me.
Unlimited veg and garnishings
Side dishes also unlimited.
Meat lovers galore… Warning… Fresh pork collar and belly are not seasoned… so for those don’t like too plain, order the seasoned ones.
Meats are about 0.8-1cm thick. Don’t cook too long or else tough.
Chicken is good.
Cooling place for your meats haha
Mushrooms should grill upwards and once cooked, there’s some natural mushroom ‘soup’ within, cool it a little before popping into your mouth! Yums!
Bibimbab… Ok taste. chilli paste not enough. Should have asked for more but didn’t.
Spicy tofu soup as part of the buffet choices. Non-refillable. Taste ok only. Go for beef soup.
Heart-shaped watermelon given with the cider after dinner.
After dinner cider for everyone. This one taste really good to wash down all the fats haha.
Many celebrities visited this place before… where’s my photo?!?!
Imported rice wine from Korea… Didn’t try it, not a drinker. 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Meats are ok but the pork belly’s skin is a little tough. Maybe have to grill longer? Tofu soup could improve a little on taste.

Portion: N.A. Buffet…

Service: 5/5. They will always make sure you’re taken care of. But a little short handed.

Ambience: 4/5. Bright and spacious. BBQ place come out sure smell like some smoked meats.

Price: S$35++ for dinner.

RTE: Yes!

Location: 100 Guillemard Rd, Singapore Badminton Hall. Tel: 6440 7707. Reservations recommended.

Golden Chopsticks Steamboat Restaurant @ Tan Quee Lan Street


When we talk about steamboat, many will talk about the influx of steamboat shops that is crowding out Liang Seah St/Beach Rd/Tan Quee Lan St area. So you will be wondering which one is good? I’ve checked out a few before, 2 of which always advertise on TV… found out that they are not as good as what they claimed to be… especially the one that we have to pay for the soup stock per pax and the other one which claims to have not MSG in their soups… all bullshit and many hidden costs.

So I was checking out this place called Golden Chopsticks along Tan Quee Lan St with some music mates… or rather those who actually bothered to meet up or reply an invitation sent weeks before. I called up for reservations and realised that the place on Sat is really crowded and hot. Literally hot too… be prepared to sweat like mad when you are there. But overall, the food was alright for the price they stated on their website ( with no hidden costs or +++. Free flow desserts, ice-cream and drinks. Best of all, they have skewered BBQ stuff which you find in China free flow too! Check out their website to see the stuff they offer… don’t expect the lady in pink on the home page to be there… I didn’t see her there… ;P

Soup bases here are all pretty good. MSG confirm have but very minimal.
A La Carte Order of Freshly Cut Beef
A La Carte order of lamb slices... not so nice though...
BBQ Items
Scallops are frozen ones but quite alright
And many more selection...

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Most important is the soup base. It’s quite nice for all the different kinds of base.

Portion: Buffet

Price: $19.80 nett per pax on weekends

RTE: Maybe when I’m back in Singapore. Now in Shenzhen, there’s a super power ma la hot pot chain of restaurants… will feature it when I go visit them.





Stan, Nur and Dorcas bought me dinner recently which was meant for my farewell, but ended up I had to push back my flight to end of the month due to staffing problems.

So I suggested this place at Feast@East because I had hi-tea there before and the food selection was pretty decent. Check out the pics below:

This kebab has really good seasoning in the meat... and very very nice and succulent.
Cold starters selection! The salmon was very fresh!
Appetisers... dunno why the bak kua is there... leftovers from CNY? Hmmm...
Ice cream... the mango one is damn good... top right corner.
Chocolate fountain with loads of fruits for dipping!
Durian Puree and on the right is the durian cake... these 2 are favourites for many if you are a durian fan!
kueh! kueh! kueh! very nice selection of kueh, cakes, puddings, etc... the opera cake is damn good...
A segment for the young and old... melamine-free white rabbit milk candy and kiam sng tnee for the older folks... one whole row around the pillar
On the other side, we have the cooked food... This braised oxtail looks good but actually it's not... not tender enough... obviously the chef don't eat oxtail... hard like stone...
Local lksa, Penang laksa, and prawn soup... Remember to ask for small portion cos the chef will give you a large bowl!
I just love kitchen technology... imagine having this at home...
Oh yeah there's crayfish and pork ribs as well
Think next time I'll just hit the ice cream counter first...
Very nice ambience... great for catching up with friends...

Rating: 4.5/5 (Not everything is well done.)

Taste: I would say in general it’s very nice.

Portion: NA… buffet lah…

Price: $36+++ But if you have Accor Advantage Plus card, 4 pax free 1.

RTE: Not in the near future. Maybe for the hi-tea though.


Tips: Parking at the hotel is super expensive and no complimentary. Try to park at Roxy Square behind or around the hotel.