Kwee Heng Food Stall (#01-13 Newton Circus Food Centre)

Was at this place for dinner yesterday. This stall is just facing the carpark so you can’t miss it. This stall seems like it has everything but one thing worth mentioning is the Crispy Boneless Duck and all their braised stuff. The recipe is passed down from generations and the braised stuff is really good: Rating: 4.5/5 (For the crispy duck!) Taste: Very unique. It’s like braised duck in deep fried style… very nice. Portion: Good. Regulars usually gets more haha… Price: It’s in the picture. 🙂 RTE: Yeah definitely. Location: #01-13 Newton Circus Food Centre Continue reading Kwee Heng Food Stall (#01-13 Newton Circus Food Centre)

Braised Duck Rice (Lorong Telok)

Sorry for not updating regularly as I’m currently in Guangdong, China now and I reckon I should be telling you guys about this duck rice place which is one of my favourites since I started my working life in Raffles Place. This stall used to be located at the corner super old coffeeshop of Circular Road and Lor Telok but have since moved (About 6-8 years ago I reckon) to Lor Telok, just 2 shops to the right of Killiney Kopitiam. This braised duck rice stall is the only stall within a ‘coffeeshop’… sells only from 11.30am to 2.30pm… within … Continue reading Braised Duck Rice (Lorong Telok)