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The Skewer Bar – Geylang, Singapore


You know most of the time we run out of choices for supper in Singapore and this is prolly a good place for such indulgence for your next supper outing. Was introduced to this little place by a friend and immediately it rekindled my years in China where you can find BBQs at every nooks and crannies in the neighbourhood.

Although they just started only like two months ago, I have since revisited them after they have renovated (expanded) but still most customers prefer to sit outside when they have a nice airconditioned room inside. On top of that, they even have crafted and draft beers now which of course is not offered by the coffee shop they are residing in.

The stall. To the left is the new wing.
The offerings. The team is working in new items soon to add on to the range.
One the partners is the main chef doing the BBQing.
A touch of passion & spice
These bacon with enoki or quails’ egg is so good!
BBQ Stingray with homemade sambal chilli. Not very spicy for me, but at least the fish is nice and fresh!
Somehow the mini Taiwanese sausages on the right is damn nice! The balls on the left are homemade chicken and pork balls. Very nice lightly grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Grilled Shitake & chicken liver
Electric stove also have fire one ok!
More orders of these damn blardy awesome pork skewers!
More orders of this homemade grandma’s recipe!
BBQ Eggplant is very nice especially with the shallots and garlic on top!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love it! Especially the pork skewers and special pork & chicken balls! Not forgetting the bacon skewers!

Portion: Skewers lor.

Service: Very good especially when 4 partners are there to help out.

Ambience: The new aircon area is damn comfy lah in this blardy hot weather!

Price: Skewers starts from $1.20 to $18 (sea bass) Sea bass is really worth a try!

RTE: Soon!

Location: 489 Geylang Road. Opens daily. See FB page for hours.

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[MEDIA INVITE] Prime Gyu-Kaku @ CHIJMES – Bras Basah, Singapore


Recently I was invited by my long time lovely friend Cathryn to another media tasting hosted by REINS International (S) Pte Ltd at their Prime Gyu-Kaku outlet at CHIJMES and was organised by TheAsiaMedia folks. To be honest, I have not been to CHIJMES ever since my media tasting at Lei Gardens, and it was great to be able to visit the place again after 6 years.

Gyu-Kaku, meaning “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese provides the authentic Japanese Yakiniku (barbeque) dining experience where customers share premium cooked meats over a flaming charcoal grill while sipping on Japanese Sake, Shochu and frosty cold beers. Founded in 1996, this chain of restaurants is committed to provide fresh foodstuffs and to offer good food at reasonable prices with excellent ambience and services. In addition, the group looks into developing the best equipment for their restaurants especially the on-the-table smokeless roasters, which makes everyone a chef as soon as they sit down. Using the Down Draft System, customers will not leave the restaurant smelling like the restaurant!

Smokeless Roaster with the down draft system

Anyway, this media tasting is for us to try their new menu offering Kuroge Wagyu beef directly imported from Kagoshima, Japan. We were told the difference between these Japanese beef is that they are all farm based and do not run about like those in Australia, which they have been serving. Hence the marbling and meat is a lot more tender. And as usual, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Greeted by the lighted signage
Hardwork from the kitchen staff
Table utensils
Dips for the meat
Appetisers of Assorted Kimuchi ($3) being served. It’s basically the Japanese version of kimchi. Very nicely done with the right salt and spicy level.
Calpis to cook me down from the Singapore heat!
The on-the-table roaster. The staff changed a couple of times when it gets a little dirty.
Directors welcoming us with a short little speech.
Japanese Prime Wagyu from Kagoshima 80g ($35). Lovely marbling, I can imagine the taste already even before the eating starts!
Director Yuki-san showing how it’s being done!
Wagyu, in!
Omg, look at the browning taking place…
King! Japanese Prime Wagyu from Kagoshima 120g ($41). The marbling is just amazing…

Next up is the Fire! Karubi with Garlic Chilli Oil ($7), hand cut into thin slices

the chilli oil with very aromatic crispy garlic inside. Not spicy at all though.
King! Harami ($9)
Director Yuki-san was trying to show me which part of the cow is Harami… Pointed to the armpit and I assumed it was there until I researched that the meat is actually around the diaphragm area which is nice and tender. ;P
Lettuce and condiments to wrap the Harami
Cutting into smaller pieces
Look at the succulent meat!
If you’re in the mood for some alcohol, try this Yuzu Mojito… Really good and refreshing!
Shrimps in Garlic Butter ($5). all the juices soaked inside and you can request for toppings at only $1 like mozerella cheese, chopped leek, etc.
Assorted Mushroom Foil with Butter ($8) – I use to make this when I was based overseas as well. The juices will be forced out of the mushrooms to give you a very nice broth at the bottom.
Garlic Fried Rice ($4) Special request from us as we know Japanese fried rice has always been good and wanted to try their too. Really good, tossed in golden egg and topped with crunchy garlic slices.
Seafood Chige Soup ($12). A little on the spicy side so if you don’t take too spicy, please request for less spicy. This pot is loaded with ingredients and lovely broth
Aburi! Wagyu Sushi ($8 for 2pcs) – Same wagyu cooked to perfection over sushi rice.
Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream ($3.90) – First cook over the grill and let the butter melt
Then in goes the damn awesome vanilla ice cream. A dessert you must eat very fast cos the ice cream melts faster in there!
Matcha Ice Cream ($2.80) – Served with brown sugar syrup and soya bean powder dusted over. Lovely!
Vanilla Ice Cream ($2.80) – Same syrup and soya bean powder. This vanilla ice cream is really of high quality. Vanilla pods can be seen in the ice cream.
Signature Milk Pudding ($3.90) – Nice, smooth and creamy.
Matcha Milk Pudding ($3.90) – Served with red bean.
Bidding farewell to the directors, thanks for hosting us and the wonderful dishes we experienced!

Rating: 5/5. I kid you not.

Taste: I can only say, “WOW!” I think I can say this for the rest of the media invitees that we enjoyed every bit of it! Aesthetically and gastronomically satisfying!

Portion: Good Size

Service: Blardy good! Thank you front house and kitchen team for putting up such a goodnahgood performance!

Ambience: Comfy, great for groups or romantic dates. Guys can show off you can cook! 😉

Pricing: As you can see the prices here and on their website, very surprisingly affordable!

RTE: Definitely!

Location: Check out all the outlets and opening hours here –> Reservations strongly encouraged.

TenderBest Western Food – Eunos, Singapore


I just realised that I have not written anything on this stall in Eunos after patronizing for more than a decade. Maybe because when of the long period I was in China. It’s just so good to rekindle with the awesome food here. One thing that I didn’t notice from the last time is that this stall is actually halal certified. So Muslim friends can also eat from the stall. 

The stall. Self-service but quite fast.
My favourite grilled chicken.

Rating : 4.5/5. 

Taste: I love the BBQ half chicken with fragrant rice. Really value for money on top of the juicy and tender chicken! The rice is similar to chicken rice type hence taste more awesome with the chicken rice chilli sauce they provide. Their fried wings are also very good at $1.30 each, although less healthier. 

Portion: Above average.

Service: Self-service.

Ambience: Within a coffee shop.

Price: $5.50 comes with rice or fries. 

RTE: Always!

Location: Eunos Food Station, 2A Eunos Crescent, Singapore 401002. Coffee shop hours. 

I’m KIM Korean BBQ – Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore


Another attempt to write using my iPhone. I’m KIM is a Korean BBQ restaurant opened not too long ago at School Of The Arts (SOTA) just beside Cathay cinema. Conveniently located right in front of the bus stop, this restaurant occupies a couple of units at the ground floor of SOTA. I met an old friend there for dinner one day and was early so I decided to go around taking pics! 😉 The Manageress of the place was very hospitable and she made me feel comfy as soon as I entered. 



Interior… looks empty cos i was super early

The BBQ stove on every table


Dressings & Sauces

Salads, seafood, sausages

Meats… love it when they use good cuts for their mains… check out their Volcano Chicken… those who love spicy food would enjoy that!

Had this starters while waiting for my friend… very filling! but love the Korean fried chicken!

Some more starters and sauce for dips

I’m a sucker for this and super regretted it… the egg was the stomach filler!!! but nice lah! 🙂

The boss instructed the kitchen to fry these cheese coated wings for us to try. Very different and tasty… think they call it ‘smelly wings?’ Cheese lovers would love this!

The grilling process…

Makkoli… best served cold and great with your grills! Less than 5% alcohol!


I was holding as many signs as possible

Photo with one of the bosses, Sulim. (middle)

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Food wise, both raw and cooked, are very nice. In fact, just the cooked buffet spread alone was enough to fill me up! I heard there are even more selection now since I last visited! Time to revisit! 😉

Portion: N.A.

Ambience: Big and spacious. As per all BBQ restaurants, you leave the place smelling like the place. But most importantly, seating is spacious and comfy. Even for Big Roy!

Service: Very good. Service staff are very responsive.

Price: $19.90 promotion for dinner. Check out their FB page for promotions! (Link below)

RTE: Yes!

Location: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of the Arts.