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Things That Keeps Me Going


Writing keeps me going and away from insanity. More so in my current situation. However, lately I have a climbing readership on and more ‘Likes’ on Facebook. That keeps any writer/reviewer/critic going and wanna write more. (Thank you guys!) Better still, you get invitations for media sampling and sometimes your constructive reviews help these restaurants twitch their product and services to be more attractive.

However I got a new review request from a friend in the US working in this gaming app company Seriously. Yes, seriously Seriously. Check out the image of the game below:

The GUI is definitely appealing and as you can see there are many stages to the game. I was thinking, oh no, not another Candy Crush… Well, same concept of stages but the game itself is different.

You get to unlock friends to help you to clear stages, get new additions to the challenges as you move up the stages, generate power gems as you clear the items that will boost your monster friends. Seems easy from the start but I believe it’ll get tougher when I hit level 30 or something like that.

This game I believe is targeted more to kids, ladies or peeps that just wanna kill some time waiting for something… Or someone. I have not completed many levels to comment further so why don’t you guys try it yourself? It’s free to download for now, check out the link here: You can play it in the bus or train, toilet, waiting for your partner, etc. ;P

Let me know if you like the app! Have fun guys!

Big Roy

Product Review – MacDonald’s Durian Crunch McFlurry


Was in Genting recently and spotted this new flavour which for a durian fan is like a dream come true. So of course, I bought one cup to try. Not cheap, costed me RM$7.60 which equates to around S$3.00. Nevertheless, I still have to try it.

See the attractive poster outside Mac’s
Close up of actual product
Some crunchy bits inside


It is probably the worst McFlurry I’ve ever tasted. The durian sauce tasted so chemical, they should have used puree instead. At the same time, there was hardly any durian taste in it. The crunchy stuff is hard, totally don’t value add to the overall product. I’d rather they add cornflakes instead. Somehow I believe these decisions to launch such a product have not gone through any food consultancy, really bad call and a waste of my money. It was so bad, I took 2 scoops and left the cup there. Really Pui Chao Nua…

Product Review – Old Chang Kee’s Chilli Crab ‘O Puff


Came across OCK’s stall at NEX just now and saw this limited period promotion for this new flavour, Chilli Crab ‘O Puff. I was told that this new flavour is not bad so I gave it a go.

Rating: OCK is known for their pastry so that is definitely good. The chilli crab taste is really nice but if you’re looking for real crab meat inside to fill the whole puff, then you’ll be disappointed. They use crab stick as expected and the bits around it are egg bits. But for $1.60, it’ll be tough to put real crab meat in there but would be good if they can just use a little to give it a fuller taste. That should not affect the cost that much. Overall it tasted great on the palettes, however, I’ll go for the original curry ones anytime. ;P

Product Review – Jja Jang Men 炸酱面


This product is totally not new ‘cos I had it in while I was in Suzhou. I haven’t tasted the original ones from Korea but this taste pretty good itself. I was first attracted by the large portion but only to find out this 200g pack is actually 100g+100g. Tell you more below:

Packaging with distributor details printed on it…
This sachet of sauce is 100g itself, hence the noodles is another 100g, that’s how you get the net weight of 200g.
The sauce has the basic taste of our thick black soy sauce for chicken rice type but of course there are a lot more ingredients and flavour to it. The sauce itself has onions, potato and some mock meat inside. Totally vegetarian and no MSG.
After mixing up, ready to dig in!


Love the noodle texture. Thick and full of bite. You may have to cook a little longer like 4 mins or so. Love the sauce too. Taste better with some fried onions and white pepper over it. I do not know where this is selling but they are usually selling at the food fairs in Singapore for $5 per pack of 5. Go try it and tell me if you like it too? 😉

Product Review – Nissin Kyushu Black Japanese Ramen


Maybe because I just got back from overseas, but to me this is a new product. Spotted this at the supermarket just yesterday and they have 2 flavours; Kyushu Black and Tokyo Shoyu. Base on what I saw on the shelves, seems like Kyushu Black is the better tasting one ‘cos it was the last bundle of 5 packs. Kyushu Black also appeals more to me reason because of the broth. I love creamy broths in my ramen! Anyways, my reviews below:

Love the packaging educating the consumers of the product, which is uncommon in most instant noodle packaging.
There’s even cooking directions and garnishing suggestions!
Seasoning powder and the garlic black sesame oil.
The dry ramen which is the lighter coloured version of our Yee Mee. But they are the same in terms of wheat noodles.
After cooking, you can see the rich creamy broth and the ramen taking shape.
Looks like real fresh ramen.

Overall Rating: 5/5. Ramen texture is really springy and texture is pretty close to the real fresh ramen. Cook for about 4 and a half mins will be better so that it’ll be softer. Broth taste like those of Tonkotsu (Pork Bone), rich and creamy and together with the garlic and black sesame oil, you’ll have a wonderful bowl of aromatic home-cooked ramen! Selling for S$3.50 per bundle pack of 5 small packets of 126gsm, each packet has a pretty sufficient serving size for one pax. Best of all, it’s halal certified so that our Muslim friends can savour what they originally can’t taste (‘cos pork bone broth) and it is also a product of Singapore! So proud of it! Well done guys, awesome product!

Product Review – The New Maggi Extra Spicy Curry Instant Noodles


Have you guys tried this yet? Maggi Curry Instant Noodles has always been close to my heart as we grew up with this brand apart from Myojo and Koka. For the usual curry instant noodles, well, it kept me and my camp mates company during our basic training in the Police Academy. I remember us smuggling in these instant noodles and snacking on them at night after lights out. So when I saw this at the supermarket, I told myself I gotta try this, although it’s filled with additives. 🙁

Retailing at $3.20 for a pack of 5 x 108g packets, this new flavour’s serving per pack is about 20g more than the normal size. So now one packet with loads of veg is sufficient for me. Check out my reviews below:

Left side is fried shallots which will enhance the taste a little and the right side is a packet of spicy curry powder.
Color doesn’t look that spicy ‘cos there isn’t any chilli oil with the package.

Review: 3/5. Flavor wise, very much like their normal version except it’s spicier. Other than that, texture of the noodles is still the same. Wished they would surprise me with something new but to my dismay, nothing special except it’s a bigger packet (I paid for it) and a little spicier that’s all.