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Wow it’s been a year since I’ve written something here! Or more? Using more instagram nowadays and it’s a lot more faster pace definitely.

So now I’ve taken things down a notch a bit and would probably start writing here again. Many readers here are still referring to my site for recommendations but you know, F&B come and go, I cannot be updated all of my posts as I’m not monetizing my site at all. I would have writers to help me do spring cleaning every now and then if I’m earning from this!

But for the mission of helping to drive traffic to less known places which was why EATWITHROY was created, I shall continue to write here. Especially during these Covid-19 times, Singaporeans have to help local establishments more! Especially home grown brands!

Stay tuned for my next post! Stay safe guys!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

Revealing The Bodum Mystery


Alright I reckon it’s about time that I write on this amazing glass that is used at BLACK&INK coffee bar. Some may not know how and why this glass is so amazing so I am gonna reveal the main functions and attributes over here. For those who know me on a personal level, they may be laughing their butts off for this whole blogpost but I just have to do this once and for all.

1. Bodum Is Made Of Glass

Yes, believe it or not, it is made of glass and not plastic. Don’t believe me, check out At the same time, these glasses are very delicate. And they will crack if you use the dessert forks or spoons to knock on them… 

2. Unique Features

The unique features of Bodum glasses are:

For Hot Drinks:

  • It prevents your hands from being scalded with the double-wall glass. 
  • It keeps your drinks hot/warm for a longer time.

For Iced Drinks:

  • It keeps your drinks cool for a longer time. 
  • It prevents condensation on the outside so your tables will not be wet and leave watermarks. 

3. Vacuum Release Valve

The piece of plastic/silicon at the bottom of the glass is to release hot air from the vacuum in between the walls and also to prevent water from seeping into the glass. IT IS NOT FOR PEELING OFF…

4. Price

A pair of these Bodum Pavina glasses cost S$30-$40 easily depending on where you are. So yeah, they are very expensive designer glasses. 

Ok now that I have revealed the mysteries behind this amazing glass, so please exercise care when you next encounter it ok? 😉

I’m Not Made Of Plastic,

Big Roy

My Take On Bulletproof Coffee


One customer came into the coffee bar today and asked if we had Bulletproof Coffee. I said no of course and added that it is not good for her. Then she cockily replied,”It is a healthy drink. I’m a nutritionist, I know.” Then she walked out. I wasn’t pissed but more of concern about people’s ignorance about marketing gimmicks on products out there. 

For those who dunno what Bulletproof Coffee is, you can read all about it here at And then after that you can read about how Gizmodo slam it here, amongst many others links proving how it is more of a hype than anything healthy. 

For my friends from the US and Europe reading this post, traditionally in Singapore as far as the 60s or 70s, we are already putting butter into our coffees… Just that maybe during that periods, margarine was used due to the cost & availability of butter then and also we didn’t have ‘Upgraded Coffee’ or ‘Brain Octane’. Seriously, I’ve never heard of upgrading coffees in my years of understanding coffee. All I know is, coffees are best appreciated and drank on it’s own, without any other substances added to it other than water of course. Adding 2 tablespoons of butter per serving will help you burn fats… Seriously? It may work on some peeps but I know it will definitely not work on me! 

So this is my take. I lost 40 kilograms in 9 months just by eating clean and light exercises. I didn’t go to Tibet and drink some butter yak milk thingy but I did lose that weight from Jan to Sep in 2013 when I was based in Suzhou, China. This picture of me was during my peak at 180kgs.

I have since put on a little weight since I got back from China last May cos I do have a social circle here as compared to China.  But the fact remains that the rebound is not great as compared to losing weight unnaturally. So if you have weight problems and need help, ask me instead, don’t succumb yourself to marketing ploys. I was victim to many before and ended up devicing my own diet formulas. 

Writing this blog post is also a reminder to myself I have another target to meet this year. I need to start working out soon. Any gym kakis who wanna work out together? Buzz me! 

And to that nutritionist, you may know many things about nutrition but still there are many things you might not know… Especially, coffee. 

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy



Hey guys!

Finally I got back from my trips and boy, I really have a lot of back logs to write on! Seems like I really have to filter off the so so ones and just focus on the good ones. Melbourne and Japan trips were damn awesome! Food, scenery, friends, new friends and of course, coffees. Will compile and write on the places for good food soon I promise.

I have also completed my Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Barista Intermediate Course and some other baking courses. I will be embarking on a specialty coffee bar in the near future for the passion of good coffees and bringing them to my friends. Will release the news on the opening once I’ve settled everything and run in the operations. Believe me, I’ve been planning for years.

Anyways, these couple of weeks will be extremely busy and will be flying again next Thursday for my annual charity trip and this year we’re heading to Chiang Rai, Thailand. You can read more about it on Will try to update daily when we’re there! I am very very active on Instagram @eatwithroy. Follow my account there and you’ll get all my latest news and eating/coffee/chill/travel places!

Alrighty, need to catch some sleep. I have cupping session tomorrow to try new single origins and blends. Will write soon and have a great weekend y’all!

Yours gastronomically,

Big Roy



Seriously I have a zillion backdated posts for updating here… Just came back from my babysitting trip in Melbourne, and now here I am trying to update while I’m packing for my Japan food & coffee trip in a few hours time! If you guys have been following my instagram or FB page, you would have seen me discovering many solid cafes and good places for food. Will compile them and list them as a directory for you guys to hunt them down when you’re down under!

Will be updating as much as I can, so  please bear with me and follow my instagram to see the latest updates. Reviews will come in later I promise. ;P

Take care and write soon!

Yours gastronomically,

Big Roy

Many ‘Likes’


Wow I am getting a lot of ‘Likes’ on Facebook lately and currently past the 2500 mark! Thank you for the awesome support!

Surprisingly most of the ‘Likes’ come from Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos… I really don’t have much friends there BUT now I do! I will try to interact with you guys as much as possible! I’ve been to Cambodia and Vietnam but not Myanmar and Laos. I promise I will visit soon and perhaps you guys can show me around for the best street foods in those countries! As a token of my appreciation, I will say a few words in your language (Google translate of course!) I do not know how accurate the translation is, let me apologize first but you know what I mean in English!

English Version:

To my Vietnamese/Cambodian/Laos/Burmese friends:
Thank you for your support! I will visit your country soon to write on awesome Vietnamese/Cambodian/Laos/Burmese foods!

For my Vietnamese friends: 

Để người bạn Việt Nam của tôi:

Cảm ơn bạn đã hỗ trợ của bạn! Tôi sẽ đến thăm đất nước của bạn sớm một lần nữa để viết về các loại thực phẩm tuyệt vời Việt Nam!

For my Cambodian friends: 

ទៅមិត្ត របស់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា របស់ខ្ញុំ:

សូមអរគុណចំពោះ ការគាំទ្រ របស់អ្នក! ខ្ញុំនឹង ទៅទស្សនា ប្រទេសរបស់អ្នក ឆាប់ ជាថ្មីម្តងទៀត ដើម្បីសរសេរ នៅលើ ម្ហូបខ្មែរ ល្អមែនទែន!

For my Laos friends:

ກັບຫມູ່ເພື່ອນຂອງ ລາວ ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ:

ຂໍຂອບໃຈ ທ່ານສໍາລັບການ ສະຫນັບສະຫນູນ ຂອງທ່ານ! ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ ຈະໄປຢ້ຽມຢາມ ປະເທດຂອງທ່ານ ໃນທັນທີ ທີ່ຈະຂຽນ ກ່ຽວກັບອາຫານ ລາວ ຫນ້າຫວາດສຽວ!

For my Burmese friends:

Believe me, very hard to find translation for Burmese! Hope it’s correct!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

One Lovely Blog Award


Seriously I dunno what this award is all about but if someone nominated me and I don’t have to pour a bucket of ice water over myself, then I’m cool with it. ;P Anyways thanks to the lovely dimshum ( for the nomination and please at least let me know your name after reading this ok? 🙂 Her blog is also about food and travels mostly in Hong Kong and London, where she is currently pursuing her studies.

So here it goes.


Rules For Winning:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award pic.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate some other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

7 Facts About Myself:

1. I am a Singaporean, standing at 1.9m and weighing 138kgs. Currently back in Singapore for employment after years in China managing companies.

2. I lost a massive 40kgs just last year in 2013, over just 9 months. So do the math how heavy I was before! ;P

3. I am a foodie (if you dunno by now!) and used to write freelance on food for printed media as well as media invites (still doing media invites!). Done a few food consultancy projects as well.

4. I founded a charity group, Care Givers Group, in 2009 to bring hope and joy to the less fortunate kids in Asia. See URL below.

5. My favourite foods… hmmm… Basically anything that taste good. However I have a soft spot for cheeses and breads! Love white meats and seafood too!5. Did I mention I love coffees too? The words are DEEP PASSION. I am a fanatic to the extend of heading to the mountains and learn how coffee plants are cultivated, learn about how the cherries are processed, pulped, dried, sorted, packed, roasted, and finally to the retail outlets. I got barista training in Australia too and am a little fussy about my coffees and how it is being prepared. Those baristas who know who I am gets nervous preparing my orders (I’m sorry!). And I drink at least 2 cups a day to keep myself from insanity.

6. My dream retirement place… It has to be in Australia. Either Perth or Melbourne. Love those places! Everytime I visit those places, I don’t wanna leave! ;P

7. My aspirations (Yes I know, old men do have aspirations too!). I wanna own a cafe/hotel one day and hire those who need help. Maybe not in Singapore since things are so expensive here. At the same time I hope to host my own food travel shows one day as well! Be it featuring Singapore foods or even good foods in Asia! Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes! >_<

I Nominate The Following Blogs:

1. My Hong Kong husband (

She is a Polish married a Hong Konger and her blogs are about her adapting and experiencing life in Hong Kong and its culture. She adapts very well actually and very proud of her!

2. Bucket List Publications (

Leslie writes on loads of travels and stuffs that she places on her bucket list yearly. It’s disgusting seeing her traveling so extensively but enriching at the same time! Haha…

3. Love & Lights (

A fellow Singaporean and foodie, Serena writes quite a bit on food and her life as well. She’s prolly eating more than me! ;P

4. (

He is someone who is trying to change the world bit by bit and he blogs on stuffs that sets you thinking. Nice.

5. Care Givers Group (,

Alright this is a personal project to help the less fortunate kids in Asia. Please help to like and spread the word!

Alright, now my job is done, let’s hear it from the rest! 😉

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy