Hey guys! Finally I got back from my trips and boy, I really have a lot of back logs to write on! Seems like I really have to filter off the so so ones and just focus on the good ones. Melbourne and Japan trips were damn awesome! Food, scenery, friends, new friends and of course, coffees. Will compile and write on the places for good food soon I promise. I have also completed my Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Barista Intermediate Course and some other baking courses. I will be embarking on a specialty coffee bar in the … Continue reading Recently…


Seriously I have a zillion backdated posts for updating here… Just came back from my babysitting trip in Melbourne, and now here I am trying to update while I’m packing for my Japan food & coffee trip in a few hours time! If you guys have been following my instagram or FB page, you would have seen me discovering many solid cafes and good places for food. Will compile them and list them as a directory for you guys to hunt them down when you’re down under! Will be updating as much as I can, so  please bear with me … Continue reading Updates

Many ‘Likes’

Wow I am getting a lot of ‘Likes’ on Facebook lately and currently past the 2500 mark! Thank you for the awesome support! Surprisingly most of the ‘Likes’ come from Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos… I really don’t have much friends there BUT now I do! I will try to interact with you guys as much as possible! I’ve been to Cambodia and Vietnam but not Myanmar and Laos. I promise I will visit soon and perhaps you guys can show me around for the best street foods in those countries! As a token of my appreciation, I will say a … Continue reading Many ‘Likes’

One Lovely Blog Award

Seriously I dunno what this award is all about but if someone nominated me and I don’t have to pour a bucket of ice water over myself, then I’m cool with it. ;P Anyways thanks to the lovely dimshum ( for the nomination and please at least let me know your name after reading this ok? 🙂 Her blog is also about food and travels mostly in Hong Kong and London, where she is currently pursuing her studies. So here it goes.   Rules For Winning: 1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog. … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Clearing Up The Air

Hey ya’ll! I got a message from my friend recently and he was asking about my previous post on the World Club Room at Genting Highlands ( I answered his questions and recommended him the place. He thought I was getting paid for all my write ups on sleepwithroy and… No no no, I have not been getting paid for any write ups nor any ads on my sites to date since I started in 2009 (maybe later I might to earn some passive income!) I do get invitations to write up on places and restaurants and usually I … Continue reading Clearing Up The Air