Bangkok’s Most Hated

You must be wondering why such a subject title… I don’t usually write such stuff except on my Facebook notes. But I think this is way overdue. I believe others have written about this and I should do my part as well to help bring this to the attention of the Tourism of Thailand and hope they can work with the Thai Department Of Land Transportation asap. I’m talking about the pesky tuk tuk drivers and taxi drivers. Tuk tuks are an icon in Thailand. You mention tuk tuk, everyone knows its Thailand. To be honest, I have stopped taking … Continue reading Bangkok’s Most Hated

Singapore Coffeeshop Lingos

Thought I would do this sometime… Think most of us are quite curious about what some coffeeshop lingos when we hear the coffee boys or ladies shout our orders in a different language in a neighbourhood coffeeshop. Here is a list that I’ve came across and compiled for your reference! 😉  COMMONLY USED LINGOS: Kopi – Coffee Teh – Tea Kopi O/Teh O – No evaporated and condensed milk. Kopi C/Teh C – With evaporated milk added. Usually the sweetness from the usual condensed milk is replaced by sugar. Kosong (Means ’empty’ in Melayu) – Refers to nothing added to the … Continue reading Singapore Coffeeshop Lingos