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Things That Keeps Me Going


Writing keeps me going and away from insanity. More so in my current situation. However, lately I have a climbing readership on and more ‘Likes’ on Facebook. That keeps any writer/reviewer/critic going and wanna write more. (Thank you guys!) Better still, you get invitations for media sampling and sometimes your constructive reviews help these restaurants twitch their product and services to be more attractive.

However I got a new review request from a friend in the US working in this gaming app company Seriously. Yes, seriously Seriously. Check out the image of the game below:

The GUI is definitely appealing and as you can see there are many stages to the game. I was thinking, oh no, not another Candy Crush… Well, same concept of stages but the game itself is different.

You get to unlock friends to help you to clear stages, get new additions to the challenges as you move up the stages, generate power gems as you clear the items that will boost your monster friends. Seems easy from the start but I believe it’ll get tougher when I hit level 30 or something like that.

This game I believe is targeted more to kids, ladies or peeps that just wanna kill some time waiting for something… Or someone. I have not completed many levels to comment further so why don’t you guys try it yourself? It’s free to download for now, check out the link here: You can play it in the bus or train, toilet, waiting for your partner, etc. ;P

Let me know if you like the app! Have fun guys!

Big Roy

One Lovely Blog Award


Seriously I dunno what this award is all about but if someone nominated me and I don’t have to pour a bucket of ice water over myself, then I’m cool with it. ;P Anyways thanks to the lovely dimshum ( for the nomination and please at least let me know your name after reading this ok? 🙂 Her blog is also about food and travels mostly in Hong Kong and London, where she is currently pursuing her studies.

So here it goes.


Rules For Winning:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award pic.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate some other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

7 Facts About Myself:

1. I am a Singaporean, standing at 1.9m and weighing 138kgs. Currently back in Singapore for employment after years in China managing companies.

2. I lost a massive 40kgs just last year in 2013, over just 9 months. So do the math how heavy I was before! ;P

3. I am a foodie (if you dunno by now!) and used to write freelance on food for printed media as well as media invites (still doing media invites!). Done a few food consultancy projects as well.

4. I founded a charity group, Care Givers Group, in 2009 to bring hope and joy to the less fortunate kids in Asia. See URL below.

5. My favourite foods… hmmm… Basically anything that taste good. However I have a soft spot for cheeses and breads! Love white meats and seafood too!5. Did I mention I love coffees too? The words are DEEP PASSION. I am a fanatic to the extend of heading to the mountains and learn how coffee plants are cultivated, learn about how the cherries are processed, pulped, dried, sorted, packed, roasted, and finally to the retail outlets. I got barista training in Australia too and am a little fussy about my coffees and how it is being prepared. Those baristas who know who I am gets nervous preparing my orders (I’m sorry!). And I drink at least 2 cups a day to keep myself from insanity.

6. My dream retirement place… It has to be in Australia. Either Perth or Melbourne. Love those places! Everytime I visit those places, I don’t wanna leave! ;P

7. My aspirations (Yes I know, old men do have aspirations too!). I wanna own a cafe/hotel one day and hire those who need help. Maybe not in Singapore since things are so expensive here. At the same time I hope to host my own food travel shows one day as well! Be it featuring Singapore foods or even good foods in Asia! Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes! >_<

I Nominate The Following Blogs:

1. My Hong Kong husband (

She is a Polish married a Hong Konger and her blogs are about her adapting and experiencing life in Hong Kong and its culture. She adapts very well actually and very proud of her!

2. Bucket List Publications (

Leslie writes on loads of travels and stuffs that she places on her bucket list yearly. It’s disgusting seeing her traveling so extensively but enriching at the same time! Haha…

3. Love & Lights (

A fellow Singaporean and foodie, Serena writes quite a bit on food and her life as well. She’s prolly eating more than me! ;P

4. (

He is someone who is trying to change the world bit by bit and he blogs on stuffs that sets you thinking. Nice.

5. Care Givers Group (,

Alright this is a personal project to help the less fortunate kids in Asia. Please help to like and spread the word!

Alright, now my job is done, let’s hear it from the rest! 😉

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

Clearing Up The Air


Hey ya’ll!

I got a message from my friend recently and he was asking about my previous post on the World Club Room at Genting Highlands ( I answered his questions and recommended him the place. He thought I was getting paid for all my write ups on sleepwithroy and…

No no no, I have not been getting paid for any write ups nor any ads on my sites to date since I started in 2009 (maybe later I might to earn some passive income!) I do get invitations to write up on places and restaurants and usually I would mention if I was invited or not on the first paragraph. And even if I am invited for such events, I would write accordingly to my taste buds or what I see and witness. Because to me, if you dare to do a media invite, you should be ready for criticisms especially the constructive ones for you to do corrective actions to your menu or hotel.

So there you have it, hope I have cleared the air. Thank you for the high readership so far guys, it’s been climbing like mad especially after the 100k mark! You guys are awesome!


Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

Your Durian Guide


This is for my durian gang as well as anyone who loves the King of Fruits as much as we do! This guide is for Malaysian durians, the best so far in the world.

So which ones have you tried before? Share with me your favorite! 😉

Ok hope you guys find these info useful, I need to make appointment with my durian vendor already! ;P

Updates – June 2014


Hey foodie friends!

I have started work in a F&B wholesale and distribution company dealing with Halal F&B products selling into Singapore at direct factory prices. If you are thinking why am I dealing with Muslim stuffs, please don’t get into that spiral stereotyping zone. I was perhaps once like you too thinking Halal foods are directly related to Muslims but the fact is, apart from the pork issue, Halal F&B products are actually a standard of F&B products manufactured in a certified hygienic environment. Nothing to do with religion. So if you see the logo on the product, you’re perhaps 99% sure the food is hygienic and safe to eat.

I am super busy with this new job and constantly swarmed with work as there are many fundamental things to come up with and building a stronger system in the organisation. Hence I will be writing less and perhaps sharing more with pics and comments below them. This is to keep my momentum of writing and keeping my readers salivating continuously. ;P

At the same time, I should be embarking on writing more reviews on F&B products in the near future as I am encountering some really good products but just because they are from lesser known SME manufacturers without the budgets for marketing. As long as you guys trust my taste buds, you should like those that I reviewed.

Gotta sleep now, but before I do that, I would like to thank everyone for their support again as my unique readership has passed 90,000. Next target will be the awesome 100,000! Will continue to post more good stuffs over here! Thanks guys!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

Big Roy Goes For Foot Reflexology


Gonna digress a little from my normal food bloggings. First time trying this fire treatment and I must say quite value for money for RMB$68! This is at Luohu Commerical Building in Shenzhen, level 3. These shops are everywhere, just pop into anyone and tell them you wanna do the ginger wrap treatment. Gonna miss this since I’m back in Singapore already… sobs…  Anyways hope you enjoy the vid below:


Big Roy

Countries Where My Readers Come From




This post is to recognize and thank all my readers who are the driving force behind my continuous writing on good food places. I can’t identify who you are but YOU know who you are! Big thanks and shout out to all of ya!

Frankly, I haven’t heard of some of the country names before… I apologize for my ignorance! I promise I’ll read more about your countries and would be excellent if you can write to me at and introduce what kind of awesome local food there are in your countries! Maybe top 5 would be great! Who knows, I may be tempted to visit your country just to do a food tour some day!

In the meantime, eat on but eat wisely my friends! 😉

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy