Updates – June 2014

Hey foodie friends! I have started work in a F&B wholesale and distribution company dealing with Halal F&B products selling into Singapore at direct factory prices. If you are thinking why am I dealing with Muslim stuffs, please don’t get into that spiral stereotyping zone. I was perhaps once like you too thinking Halal foods are directly related to Muslims but the fact is, apart from the pork issue, Halal F&B products are actually a standard of F&B products manufactured in a certified hygienic environment. Nothing to do with religion. So if you see the logo on the product, you’re … Continue reading Updates – June 2014

Big Roy Goes For Foot Reflexology

Gonna digress a little from my normal food bloggings. First time trying this fire treatment and I must say quite value for money for RMB$68! This is at Luohu Commerical Building in Shenzhen, level 3. These shops are everywhere, just pop into anyone and tell them you wanna do the ginger wrap treatment. Gonna miss this since I’m back in Singapore already… sobs…  Anyways hope you enjoy the vid below:   Big Roy Continue reading Big Roy Goes For Foot Reflexology

Countries Where My Readers Come From

    This post is to recognize and thank all my readers who are the driving force behind my continuous writing on good food places. I can’t identify who you are but YOU know who you are! Big thanks and shout out to all of ya! Frankly, I haven’t heard of some of the country names before… I apologize for my ignorance! I promise I’ll read more about your countries and would be excellent if you can write to me at eatwithroy@gmail.com and introduce what kind of awesome local food there are in your countries! Maybe top 5 would be great! … Continue reading Countries Where My Readers Come From

Home-cooked Thai Food @ Purl’s

I’m back in Singapore and have been busy with medical check ups and running errands. It is very important to get your body checked up annually, so that you can eat more! 😉 Met up with a few friends as well over coffee and meals ever since I came back. And last Sat, I was invited to a pal’s place for dinner and it was my first time visiting her place. The menu for that night was Thai as she is like me, a foodie as well. Check out the food below: Dinner was simply awesome especially for someone like me … Continue reading Home-cooked Thai Food @ Purl’s

Big Roy’s Siew Yoke (Chinese Roast Pork)

Ok this is my first time collaborating with my dear friend from Hong Kong, Christina who bought the pork and shared with me her recipe and how to roast this. The roast pork is actually quite easy to do just that try not to have it too often unless you get those Berkshire or Hungarian pork, where the fats are suppose to be good for you. 🙂 Seasoning: Sea Salt (Remember to recycle the salt after removing from the pork! I use it for cooking and cleaning chicken/fish) Five Spice Powder White Pepper Chinese wine All base on agaration (estimate)… … Continue reading Big Roy’s Siew Yoke (Chinese Roast Pork)

Charity Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Hey y’all, My charity group is gonna have a fund raising drive this coming Dec 14th at the Highlander Coffee and this is great for foodies and coffee addicts like me who would wanna know more about what goes behind our favorite caffeine drinks! Furthermore, doing charity at the same time! Awesome right? Check out the link below and if you’re keen, do sign up early as each session is limited to 25 pax only. Hope to see you there my foodie friends and maybe this will be our first outing? 😉 http://wp.me/pE63z-al   Yours gastronomically, Big Roy Continue reading Charity Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Feeling Appreciated

You know when you write about food, you really wanna tell others how heavenly the stuff that you’ve tried and hope that they too, can enjoy the flavours that you experienced. And I really appreciate the owners/representative of the establishment writing back to at least respond to what you wrote. If not in my case, they would respond to customers who commented on the food and place, regardless of good or bad the comments. This is a way of telling your customers or critics that you do take in feedbacks and try to make it better when there are any … Continue reading Feeling Appreciated