Eat @ B5 Revisited @ Resort Hotel – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Revisiting this place again after one over year. I have previously written on this place before ( but this time we have tried many other stuffs which we never tried before. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Overall still good. Portion: Above average for some, average for some. Service: Self service. Ambience: Natural cold air from outside, some people do smoke inside. Price: Stated. RTE: All the time! Location: Basement 5 of Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands. Continue reading Eat @ B5 Revisited @ Resort Hotel – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Eat @ B5 – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Yeah I’m on a roll writing Genting food ‘cos I really need to clear all the food that I reckon worthy (or not!) in my backlogs. This foodcourt place has been there for the longest time, originally opened for the bus and taxi drivers but now more people are actually eating there now. Recently renovated, this foodcourt now is a lot nicer than what it was previously. Along with the new renovation, the price of the food also escalated a lot. Nevertheless it’s prolly one of the cheapest places to eat when you’re in Genting Highlands. Check out the reviews … Continue reading Eat @ B5 – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Yes this is a coffee shop but not just the ordinary coffeeshop. This is the birth place of the famous Ipoh White Coffee located at the Old Town of Ipoh. The white coffee was started by this coffeeshop much earlier than the famous Old Town White Coffee many of you know. The latter is definitely more business minded as compared to Sin Yoon Loong, going into cafe franchising, instant coffee packs, and distribution to almost the whole of Asia. This coffeeshop however, insist on using manual frying of the coffee beans instead of automation and after tasting the coffee, I understand … Continue reading Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong @ Ipoh, Malaysia