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Richdad – Genting Highlands, Malaysia


I had high hopes for this All-Day-Breakfast cafe located at the basement of Genting Grand hotel, amidst the amusement park for kids. They moved from First World Indoor Park as the place is undergoing major construction. So I spotted this place while I was heading to First World one of the days I was there and told myself I must try before I leave for Singapore. So here I am.

Cafe front
Cafe front. Looks good right?
Ambience… nice
Didn’t try the doughnuts but bought the butter marble block cake, which was pretty awesome for just RM$6 only. I seriously dunno who they display the ham, sausages, egg, etc…. totally unnecessary.
But first, lemme take a selfie!
My latte… machine, weak and seriously not nice.
This came with mum’s BBQ Chicken Rice set… TASTED BETTER THAN THE ALA CARTE LATTE!!!
BBQ Chicken Rice. This one is nice.
My 5 items set… Just by looking at it, I already how it would taste.
Fish Fingers is all floured inside… maybe mixed with a little surimi.
Cheesy sausage was barely oozing out the cheese… sad.
Ordered chicken wings to try…. Outside over cooked…
See how raw it was… obviously frozen and deep fried.

Rating: 3.5/5

Taste: Only the BBQ Chicken tasted good.

Portion: Less than average.

Service: Good

Ambience: Very noisy cos cafe in front of gaming machinese.

Price: See last pic.

RTE: Nope.

Location: Basement of Genting Grand.