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Restoran Chua Kee 蔡記海鲜 – Johor Bahru, Malaysia


It was one of the impromptu evenings when my god bro swinged the coffee bar to pick me up for dinner I thought. True enough dinner, but in JB! So he drove me home to pick up my passport and then we headed to JB via Tuas checkpoint. 


Exit Gelang Patah, that’s all i know! long time never go in JB lah….
Finally arrived!
Almost 11pm still got customers

粿条大会串 Kway Teow Seafood (RM 30). This plate of kway teow is filled with so much seafood, i was just delighted to see this!

Close up… Must order!
Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (RM30) – You can literally eat the whole prawn! Juicy, crispy and very fresh! A must-order too!
Butter Pork Belly 牛油花肉 (RM12). Another interesting dish that explodes in your mouth! Nice buttery savoury sweet!
Veg fried with fermented tofu (RM8). Yums and cheap!
Homemade Lime Drink (RM2.50). Nice and refreshing!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste:  Seafood is really fresh! Especially the mussels in the Seafood Kway Teow! So yummy!

Portion: Average.

Service: Very good especially the lady with tattoo on the left side of her neck. 

Ambience: Cooling cos near the sea. Well spaced and well lit.

Price: Total damage was only RM$95.40 (S$36)!

RTE: If I have transport! 

Location: 67 Jalan Kacang Panjang, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru, Johor. Tel: 012-7628255, 012-7610529, 07-5103198.  


Richdad – Genting Highlands, Malaysia


I had high hopes for this All-Day-Breakfast cafe located at the basement of Genting Grand hotel, amidst the amusement park for kids. They moved from First World Indoor Park as the place is undergoing major construction. So I spotted this place while I was heading to First World one of the days I was there and told myself I must try before I leave for Singapore. So here I am.

Cafe front. Looks good right?
Ambience… nice
Didn’t try the doughnuts but bought the butter marble block cake, which was pretty awesome for just RM$6 only. I seriously dunno who they display the ham, sausages, egg, etc…. totally unnecessary.
But first, lemme take a selfie!
My latte… machine, weak and seriously not nice.
This came with mum’s BBQ Chicken Rice set… TASTED BETTER THAN THE ALA CARTE LATTE!!!
BBQ Chicken Rice. This one is nice.
My 5 items set… Just by looking at it, I already how it would taste.
Fish Fingers is all floured inside… maybe mixed with a little surimi.
Cheesy sausage was barely oozing out the cheese… sad.
Ordered chicken wings to try…. Outside over cooked…
See how raw it was… obviously frozen and deep fried.

Rating: 3.5/5

Taste: Only the BBQ Chicken tasted good.

Portion: Less than average.

Service: Good

Ambience: Very noisy cos cafe in front of gaming machinese.

Price: See last pic.

RTE: Nope.

Location: Basement of Genting Grand.

Coffee Terrace – Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Been here only once but many many years ago before I started writing on food. So this recent trip I made it a point to try it again and take loads of pics. This buffet spread is really huge… I didn’t know where to begin, but once I started checking out all the food, I know I just had to start somewhere! Huge array of food and you really wish you had 2 stomachs! Some of the counters cook on the spot like Marche style, so as to ensure freshness. Love it!

Paranoma of the whole place… or partially…

Look at the char siew!!!

This section is closed cos open during dinner only
Dessert counter!
Yummy char siew and steamed chicken

Satay is good
You pick your veg and mushrooms and this chef will fry on the spot for you…
My mixed mushrooms
Love these veg
Fried noodles soso…
Lobster bisque… Very very prawny taste… A little too strong.
Sushi and stuff…
The BBQ range
The 3 sambals… 3 different sambals from 3 different hotels in Genting
Fried Kway Teow with the 3 sambals
Looks damn good this rainbow cake but I skipped cos of all the colourings inside haha
This chocolate mouse is good!
I thought this thing on top is cream… but it’s actually a meringue!
Durian ice cream…
Price List
Me, mum and my buddy’s mum and his cousin…  but he’s not there with us cos buddy doesn’t like Genting…

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love the range, food is not bad, not the best I’ve tried but good enough in Genting.

Portion: NA

Service: Very good for some, the others just wait for you to ask them to top up water and clear plates.

Ambience: Nice and chill.

Price: See pic.

RTE: Probably, trying not to eat so much nowadays!

Location: Genting Highlands.

Woh Heng Thai Food Revisited – First World, Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Another place ( revisited, tried different food, that’s why must review again. Mum’s loved the food here. Check it out.

Tom Yum Snapper – The soup around this dish is so yummy you can just drink it and the fish is nice and fresh. Love it!
Lemon Grass Chicken – Another surprising dish. Fried with lemon grass puree and Thai basil leaves. Look at how much basil leaves they use for this dish. Definitely worth it.
Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms – The ‘vegetable’ dish for this dinner. Very nice and never ordered before.
Rice as usual cannot finish.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Pretty authentic Thai food and still good after all these years.

Portion: Average

Service: Order from stall, they will serve to your table. Service standard is ok.

Ambience: Food court, noisy cos of the indoor theme park.

Price: RM$99.90 for this dinner. Very worth it.

RTE: Yes!

Location: First World Theme Park Level 2 Food Court.

Eat @ B5 Revisited @ Resort Hotel – Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Revisiting this place again after one over year. I have previously written on this place before ( but this time we have tried many other stuffs which we never tried before.

Looks the same
Price list on the chicken rice side
Big Pau RM$5 – All time favourite… as big as my hand.
This coffee is pretty good. RM$2.50
Zhu Chang Fen RM$9.00 – Another all time favourite. Seems like this time there are more ingredients also… Or is it because I ordered? Hmmm…
Pan Mee RM$9 – Saw many people eating this so ordered to share with mum. To our surprise, this is actually quite good! The broth is really nice but a little too salty.
See, so much ingredients inside.
First time trying this curry mee RM$9
A little heavy, spicy but taste pretty good.
Had this nixed vegetable rice over one lunch RM$9 – Huge portion and really not bad.
Fried Hokkien Mee RM$10 – First time trying this and it was pretty good. The taste is pretty close to the good one in KL. Must eat with the garlic and green chilli, all mix together.
Wan Ton Mee RM$9.00 – Also first time trying. Typical Malaysian Wan Ton Mee cos of the black sauce. Noodles are springy, char siew is good but fried wan ton not crispy, prolly left there too long. Overall quite nice.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Overall still good.

Portion: Above average for some, average for some.

Service: Self service.

Ambience: Natural cold air from outside, some people do smoke inside.

Price: Stated.

RTE: All the time!

Location: Basement 5 of Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands.

Product Review – MacDonald’s Durian Crunch McFlurry


Was in Genting recently and spotted this new flavour which for a durian fan is like a dream come true. So of course, I bought one cup to try. Not cheap, costed me RM$7.60 which equates to around S$3.00. Nevertheless, I still have to try it.

See the attractive poster outside Mac’s
Close up of actual product
Some crunchy bits inside


It is probably the worst McFlurry I’ve ever tasted. The durian sauce tasted so chemical, they should have used puree instead. At the same time, there was hardly any durian taste in it. The crunchy stuff is hard, totally don’t value add to the overall product. I’d rather they add cornflakes instead. Somehow I believe these decisions to launch such a product have not gone through any food consultancy, really bad call and a waste of my money. It was so bad, I took 2 scoops and left the cup there. Really Pui Chao Nua…

Dragon-i Restaurant (The Pavilion) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


There are some facts that I have researched on lately that cleared my mind. All along I always thought the Canton-i ( at ION Orchard in Singapore is related to Dragon-i in Malaysia… I was right, Canton-i is under the Dragon-i Restaurant Group of Companies. Whether the outlet in Singapore is a direct expansion or franchise, I’ve yet to find out. The other thing I’ve always thought that Canton-i was under the Paradise Group of Singapore, apparently not, just that they have Canton Paradise under their group which sounds similar.

Anyways this is my second time here at this outlet in KL after so many years… the first time was before I started writing on food some 5 years ago. So I was in town for work and then met up with a friend for dinner to check out their food once again. Check out the pics below:

Crowded as usual
Cute chopsticks rest
The Menu… The gateway to heavenly food…
This dish reminds me of my stints in Shanghai and Suzhou so much… Sobs…
Wanted to order this too but too much and no kids with me, so…. nah…
Crispy Caramelised Eel – This one is awfully addictive… A great starter, and a must order in Dragon-i.
流沙包 is here!
These custard buns are liquefied and explodes in your mouth if you bite it without knowing. So becareful the piping hot contents. Better to tear it in the middle then try to balance the fillings on each hand while you indulge on the buns… Yeah you can lick the overflowing egg custards on your hands after that! 🙂
Very good chilli paste they have to go with your food.
炸酱面 – Regretted ordering this cos not very nice. But friend wanted to eat this so…
Skillfully shaving the skin and flesh off the duck
Roasted Peking Duck – This is their signature naturally. Crispy skin and tender flesh. Yums. But as compared to the one in Canton-i Singapore, Canton-i one is very fragrant and a lot tastier due to the apple wood they use from Australia.
Wraps and condiments to go with your peking duck.
The balance bones and meat from the half duck we ordered. Cooked in sichuan style in a claypot, quite a good dish but pretty oily.
Spinach with 3 types of eggs and stock. Something light to go with the rich food.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Standard still as good as last time. If I had my other foodie friends with me, we could have ordered all their signature dishes.

Portion: Average.

Service: Excellent. However, you can see the manageress keep eyeing on the other service staff. I feel for the waitresses/waiters.

Ambience: Not as posh as I remember it to be. But still quite comfy for diners.

Price: All that for around RM$200. About S$80. In Singapore it will cost more than that.

RTE: I might but I still prefer the street food wherever I travel. 🙂

Location: Lot No. 1.17.00, Storey No. Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : +603 2143 7688. Reservations highly recommended.