Bakerz@Work – Macpherson, Singapore

I discovered this place recently near where I work and I believe it commenced business not too long ago. Located just below Citimac Industrial Complex, opposite the huge Cross of Trinity Church, this bakery cafe shop is quite a saviour for me especially when I need my fix of caffeine at the end of a busy day. This place has not just gourmet coffees but also crafted breads and cakes for customers. On top of that, they have a good range of baking equipment for sale in their little shop. Further in, there is a room for baking workshops that … Continue reading Bakerz@Work – Macpherson, Singapore

Crema Coffee – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for a meeting and was looking for a place for a quick lunch when I chanced upon this little cafe. I found it unique cos the shop is actually located underground of a building in TST. Then I saw that they are being featured for the best 15 cafes in Hong Kong, then I know I’m at the right place. Then I went in and found a table at a very nice corner. As I usually eat late, hence the place was empty. I ordered my lunch like most Hong Kongers do, the sets are … Continue reading Crema Coffee – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

小茄子 – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Never been to this place as it is quite new. Opened by native Thais but of course they speak Cantonese having been in Hong Kong for some time I reckon. Come to think of it, there is a big community of Thais and Indonesians in Yuen Long area! This place is usually packed during dinner times, worse on weekends. But my friends and I were lucky, didn’t have to wait.  Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Total bill for 5 pax came up to around HKD$600+ which is pretty affordable. All the serving staff were friendly and mostly are Thais.  Location: 香港新界元朗鳳攸南街3號好順景大廈地下10號舖. Tel: +852 … Continue reading 小茄子 – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

新港鱼蛋王 Revisit – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Yeah I’m gonna write a series of good food in Yuen Long again. This shop has been there for decades and it’s located right in the middle of the whole Yuen Long town. Of course they are great for their balls especially fish, beef and cuttlefish balls. I have never tried their beef brisket though, hence I decided to try that this time. Check out my previous post 4 years ago Overall Rating: 5/5. They are still offering prices around HKD$28 range and the freshness of the food here is amazing. Beef brisket melts in your mouth and very chunky! … Continue reading 新港鱼蛋王 Revisit – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

開心小敘 – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

This is a little shop located in the heartlands of Yuen Long in Hong Kong and not known to tourists obviously. More known to the neighbourhood only, this place is always packed with customers from noon till 3-4pm and dinner as well. See my video and review below! Overall Rating: 5/5. Good price at HK$33 for the rice with the double eggs. Love the curry, at least it’s not sweet, and good curry taste. Pork chops are juicy and good portioning. Their portioning used to be a lot bigger, but this is still quite substantial for a normal person. They … Continue reading 開心小敘 – Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Countries Where My Readers Come From

    This post is to recognize and thank all my readers who are the driving force behind my continuous writing on good food places. I can’t identify who you are but YOU know who you are! Big thanks and shout out to all of ya! Frankly, I haven’t heard of some of the country names before… I apologize for my ignorance! I promise I’ll read more about your countries and would be excellent if you can write to me at and introduce what kind of awesome local food there are in your countries! Maybe top 5 would be great! … Continue reading Countries Where My Readers Come From

ABC Kitchen – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

When I was told about this place 3 things ran across my mind: Got so nice meh? Damn, it’s blardy far! ABC… hmmm… But, for goodness food’s sake, I decided to check the place out with my HK friends. Found out the 2 chef owners were from M At the Fridge started this place about 4 years ago and are famous for their Roast Suckling Pig. ABC Kitchen actually means A Better Cooking Kitchen… dunno what gave them the idea but it’s easy to remember I guess? When we arrived at the quiet neighbourhood of Sheung Wan district, I was looking around … Continue reading ABC Kitchen – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Food Republic (Citygate Outlets) – Tung Chung, Hong Kong

Ok I know Food Republic is a little too mainstream and who doesn’t know Food Republic right? But the fact remains that Singaporeans do go for Singaporean food which they greatly miss when they are base overseas like me! 🙂 However, each Food Republic differs in the array of stalls and that is why this post. 🙂 The below food sampling are over a 3-day period with friends, hence this collage of so much food. Most of them were good and some really con job. Check it out: Rating: 4/5. There are many other HK and Macau cuisines that we … Continue reading Food Republic (Citygate Outlets) – Tung Chung, Hong Kong

Fu Tung Chinese Market – Tung Chung, Hong Kong

To be honest, if I wasn’t exhibiting at the Asia Expo in HK, I wouldn’t know this place exist. And if I wasn’t staying at Marriot beside the exhibition venue, I wouldn’t have taken the free shuttle to this place also! Tung Chung is like the last town in the New Territories of Hong Kong before reaching the airport. Hence it’s a town far away from the city, although linked by the metro and buses. However, this little town has everything and the mall there is where all the factory outlets are located. Shoppers will go crazy but not for … Continue reading Fu Tung Chinese Market – Tung Chung, Hong Kong