East Coast Lagoon (东海岸) – Shanghai, China

From the name you know it’s somewhat related to Singapore cuisine. This place took over the previous Lau Pa Sak restaurant and started not too long ago. I was there to have some Singapore food but realized they changed hands. Nevertheless, it’s still Singapore food! But isn’t 东海岸 known as East Coast Park? Hmmm… Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: Pretty close to home and love the fish! Portion: Above average. Service: Not enthusiastic. Must remind them to top up water even though I placed the empty cup beside the aisle. Ambience: Comfy and you won’t come out smelling like what  you ate. … Continue reading East Coast Lagoon (东海岸) – Shanghai, China

Katong Restaurant – Suzhou, China

My first time here after finding out from weibo the location of their restaurant. Heard so much about it and finally found some time to visit this place. Of course with my diet going on right now, this place is not very healthy for me. Nevertheless, I was buying dinner for my staff who is leaving and at least there’s someone there to share the food with me. The restaurant is located at a pretty centralised location where many expats are staying. I spotted Fraser Suites just beside this neighborhood center. Took a cab from my place to there is … Continue reading Katong Restaurant – Suzhou, China

Food Loft 福乐食阁 – Suzhou, China

This is one of the outlets that offers Singapore cuisine. Hence when Singaporeans or Malaysians miss their hometown food, they will come to this place. There is another place opened in a secluded place out of malls like this one, which I have yet to visit. This was my first time here and to be honest, food is not bad, service sucks big time. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Pretty good. Taste pretty close to back home. Portion: Average Service: Really sucks big time. Male captain can stare are me standing at the entrance and after 5 seconds, look away. So many … Continue reading Food Loft 福乐食阁 – Suzhou, China

Frankie’s Place – Shanghai, China

Most Singaporeans base in Shanghai would know this place. Apparently the oldest Singapore food restaurant in Shanghai. However the location is a little far from the city where most Singapore expats would stay. But, when the crave for authentic Singapore food sets in, taking a cab down to this place is justifiable! Check out the food below! Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: I must say it’s as good as what we eat in Singapore. Unlike some claim to be Singapore/Malaysian food but taste not authentic. Thumbs up for catering to the craves us Singaporeans/Malaysians have while working in Shanghai! Ambience: Pretty comfy … Continue reading Frankie’s Place – Shanghai, China