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鸿运茶餐厅 (Hung Wan Restaurant) – Shenzhen, China


Hung Wan Restaurant is a Cha Can Ting I frequent when I was staying in Shenzhen, China. The best thing about this place is, it is just below the regular spa I frequent too. So can order their food up and eat while I was watching TV program or having a foot massage! Awesome lifestyle back then and missing it definitely.

Hung Wan I believe are owned by Hong Kongers and they have gone through renovation recently and the interior designing was done by Millwork Interiors based in HK too. Very excellent work done, with a vibrant and energetic design giving the restaurant a younger and fresher look. Check out the pics below:

Store front
Lovely Milk Tea
Cha Can Ting fried drumsticks are usually quite yummy
My fav fried maggie with pork chops!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Not bad. Tasted better but nice enough to curb my cravings. A bit on the oily side though.

Portion: Average.

Service: Slow… Cos 24hrs… lesser staff?

Ambience: Smoking now disallowed inside aircon areas but still you get some assholes smoking inside.

Price: Total about SGD$12.

RTE: Yeah if I’m visiting that spa again.

Location: 2003 Jintian Rd, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518048



Hey guys,
Sorry haven’t been writing as I’m away in Shenzhen now for a short holiday cum errands trip till this Sunday. After landing in Singapore ok that morning, I’ll be checking out House of Peranakan at Frankel Avenue that very day. So more reviews coming your way soon!

In the meantime, you can follow my instantaneous foot prints on Instagram (@eatwithroy) or on Facebook ( and see what Shenzhen is like now and also all the food that I’ll be trying!

In the meantime, take care y’all and have a great weekend!

Big Roy

Maan Coffee (Shekou main branch) – Shenzhen, China


This coffee house is located pretty far away from where I used to stay in Shenzhen. They are at Shekou are which is around RMB$80 cab ride from my place in Futian district. Shekou is a place where there are loads of expats, reason is there are factories in that area and also there are direct ferries to Hong Kong International Airport where there are more flight options to reach their home/destinations. Shenzhen International Airport is practically a domestic airport with a few international flights… The gate for the international flights shows… small and a lot less grand than that of the domestic!

Ok enough of bitching. Maan Coffee I’ve heard about it many times but only managed to visit that place a couple of months back. Found the place with a friend who drove,  and parking was really bad. We had to literally beg the security to let us park outside the coffee house. We managed to find a lot and then check out the place.

Full of lavish lightings
Very industrial look with a mezzanine and 3rd floor. Renovation must have costed an arm and a leg…
“Hey waiter, I want the book up there…”
Many tai tais frequent this place…
Counter and kitchen
Food range is not bad. Taste pretty ok.
These cute bears aren’t for sale… they are passed to you after your order so that the waiters know where to deliver the food and drinks to. No, you can’t take home.
Latte came without any art
2 strips of sugared toast served with every drink. nice.
stairs leading to 3rd floor
wash rooms
Interesting wood concept toilets
Individual rooms for group gatherings, no extra charge, first come first serve basis.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: 5/5. Latte was pretty well done. Espresso was pulled well and milk was at the right temperature. A lot better than the other Korean chain joint Hollys. Love the sugared toast that is served together with the coffee. Very thoughtful. Didn’t try the food as we were there after a filling lunch.

Portion: Good size cup.

Service: 5/5. I have to say they are really good for their service.

Ambience: 5/5. Full points! Renovation is not cheap!

Price: RMB$28 per cup.

RTE: If I’m in that area, of course!

Location: 南山区东滨路4076号中泰艺术名庭一栋1-2楼. Tel: 86660168. They just opened another one at 福田区车公庙泰然六路深业泰然大厦E座一楼 which I’ll review in my later posts. 🙂

小桃园酒家 Arcadia Restaurant – Shenzhen, China


In Guangdong China, you have to eat dim sum. But where to have dimsum since everywhere has dimsum? One of the best places for good dimsum is not in a 5 star hotel or some posh restaurant but at this Arcadia Restaurant located in Luohu of Shenzhen. This place is really crowded and dimsum is available from 9am-5pm daily. This time, I had one of the best tables with the lovely view of the river that divides Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Check out my video below:

Overall Rating: 5/5. Good price, taste good, good views!

Location罗湖区人民南路1168号罗湖商业城写字楼5字楼5007铺.   Tel: 82322833

沙县小吃 – China


I didn’t write which city this time because this is everywhere in China. I don’t think all of them are franchise or even part of a chain, just that the menu is almost the same. Nevertheless I’m writing about this because this is what the mainlanders eat day in and out due to the cheap prices and also accessibility. I used to eat this a lot from the day I moved to China, till I left. Nevertheless, I want my readers here to know where are the affordable food in China as well.

Overall Rating: 4/5. Very value for money and it’s everywhere! However, the standards of the food differs in every town they are in.

Location: All over China.

吉兆手握寿司 – Shenzhen, China


A couple-friend in Shenzhen asked me out for dinner recently and we decided to check this place out in Dongmen, one of the shopping places in Shenzhen. I seldom go to Dongmen reason because the place is always extremely crowded and it is a notorious place for pickpocket syndicates. Nevertheless, I would be extra careful whenever I’m in the area.

Found the restaurant which is just across the street of the new 1234 Mall, and had to wait for our table. The queue is even longer during weekends! Check out my comments with the pictures below:

Restaurant front with seats for the queue
Seated at the counter, no tables!
Cheese Balls/Uni Balls RMB$28 – Not a big fan. Cheese balls also not a lot of cheese. Can skip ordering this.
Crabstick Sushi – This is free with one of the orders!
3 orders here of Unagi sushi RMB12, Scallop Sushi RMB26 and Grilled Salmon Sushi RMB9. All 3 types are delicious!
Salmon Sashimi RMB98 – Fresh and yummy!
Some in house creation sushi RMB18 – This is not too bad.
Soft Shell Crab Handroll RMB12 – the name of the shop suggests that they are good in their handrolls. So this one is not bad.
California Handroll RMB18 – Anything with mayo taste good! 🙂
Sea-grass RMB12 – Love this, my only source of ‘veg’ for the night. Available in supermarkets also.
Salmon Tail Sushi RMB14 for 1. You get a lot of salmon in this sushi!
Charred Tiger Prawn Sushi RMB9 a pair. Semi-raw prawns… tasted quite nice but not a big fan of raw prawns though.
Forgot what’s this… But it’s nice.
Salmon Rose Sushi RMB12 – Friend’s order, should be quite good.

Overall a decent place for a good sushi meal. The freshness in the ingredients can be tasted and also witness (so crowded means the supplies are usually fresh!). Go try it and let me know if you like it too!

Location: 罗湖区东门东升广场休闲玻璃屋1号. Tel: 82292858. Don’t think they take reservations but if your group is big, just call them.


  1. Go after 8pm. Half price for all the items. Not many people know. (Hope they still have this policy)
  2. Always keep your belongings in front of you. Wallets and phones in front pockets. Bags sling to the front… yes, even haversacks, in front!

Dapeng Peninsula – Shenzhen, China


I have been in Shenzhen for the longest time and I’m always faced with bad pollution and congestion in the city. Never knew this Dapeng Peninsula really exist within Shenzhen! Partly also because I don’t have a car here. If I do, I’ll be venturing to look for chill out spots and of course, food. 🙂 Dapeng Peninsula is situated along the coast east side of Shenzhen, within Longgang District. A fishing village, their attraction is the fortress that was built in the year 1394 to protect the village from pirates. The trip there from the city is around 2 hours by car. Don’t bother by public bus, you’ll die inside the bus, more than 3 hours and can’t go many places! My friend Ron told me about this place and decided to visit that place on my birthday and so we had about 5 of us, rented a MPV and off we went!

On our way there, through the tunnels!
The 600 year old fortress!
Love these ancient architechture
They were made to wash their own clothes… so cute!
View from the highest point

Where the locals live
Guess we are all foodies! 🙂
Chef Roy? ;P
I was really cooking my own pancake… cos the guy was busy with his other cooking.
This is Cotton Candy art!
Shopping/food street
Ancient buildings aren’t made for me…
Temple donated by 2 Hong Kongers
Lovely architechture
Think it’s man made… but quite serene to look at
Manage to catch the sunset
Cliff selfie!
My friends who celebrated my 40th with me. Totally appreciated!
For those who love walking
Strawberries picking!

There are a lot more pictures which I didn’t load here but you can view them on my Facebook album Yeah loads of food pictures there too. We were basically eating, walking, eating, walking, etc… Lovely day out, although very tired but was fun. You too can check out this place! Definitely a change from the usual polluted city life! ;P

Tips: Watch out for tourists traps along the seafood street. Compare prices first and make sure you see them weighing your seafood.

Have fun guys!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy