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鸿福堂 @ Hong Kong


Think most of you will notice this retail chain of shops appearing almost everywhere from MTR stations, airport, shopping malls, etc. Definitely popular and don’t need any reviews. But to some tourist, especially those non-Chinese, they might not know WTH this shop is all about. Writing this also because of my muslim friends who frequent HK often and they may wanna try this.

I have membership card for this because I love their Herbal Jelly (Kwai Leng Gou) which is very strong in herbal taste. It is said to be made from the ‘gel’ from the insides of the turtle shell… But I believe they don’t use that anymore… where got so many turtles for you to scrap the ‘gel’??? Nevertheless, I’m still taking it because of the medicinal benefits as Chinese believe in having a balance between heatiness and coolness in the body. Ask the ladies over the counter, they are more than willing to introduce you what to drink or consume at their stores!

This is the shop at Futian Customs which I frequent
Be prepared to stand and eat, if not take away. Behind me is the fridge full of pack soups, snacks, etc. Some with pork, some not.
A big bowl of Herbal Jelly. Not cheap at HKD$40+ but what you pay is what you get. Quality!
Sugar syrup is provided but if you are the gungho type, go ahead without!
Tea Eggs... HKD$8 for 2. Full of taste and very fragrant. Can't get this taste back home in SG or anywhere else.
Siew Mai... Can't remember how much... HKD$8 for 6 pcs or something like that. But no pork inside. Only fish and flour.
Teochew Kueh... Something like our soon kueh but this one not so nice.Was catching a cold so I was recommended this drink for HKD$20. They have warm or chilled ones for all their drinks. Price range for drinks around HKD$12-$20. All filled to the brim, so becareful when you're opening the caps!
The drink was so bitter that the lady gave me a traditional orange peel sort of like candy. It helps a lot!
Looks like this...

Rating: 5/5. Service is good and food is of high quality and hygiene.

Taste: Very good.

Portion: Average.

Price: See pics.

RTE: All the time.

Location: All over Hong Kong and some parts of Shenzhen! For more info for branches, please check out