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Maan Coffee (Shekou main branch) – Shenzhen, China


This coffee house is located pretty far away from where I used to stay in Shenzhen. They are at Shekou are which is around RMB$80 cab ride from my place in Futian district. Shekou is a place where there are loads of expats, reason is there are factories in that area and also there are direct ferries to Hong Kong International Airport where there are more flight options to reach their home/destinations. Shenzhen International Airport is practically a domestic airport with a few international flights… The gate for the international flights shows… small and a lot less grand than that of the domestic!

Ok enough of bitching. Maan Coffee I’ve heard about it many times but only managed to visit that place a couple of months back. Found the place with a friend who drove,  and parking was really bad. We had to literally beg the security to let us park outside the coffee house. We managed to find a lot and then check out the place.

Full of lavish lightings
Very industrial look with a mezzanine and 3rd floor. Renovation must have costed an arm and a leg…
“Hey waiter, I want the book up there…”
Many tai tais frequent this place…
Counter and kitchen
Food range is not bad. Taste pretty ok.
These cute bears aren’t for sale… they are passed to you after your order so that the waiters know where to deliver the food and drinks to. No, you can’t take home.
Latte came without any art
2 strips of sugared toast served with every drink. nice.
stairs leading to 3rd floor
wash rooms
Interesting wood concept toilets
Individual rooms for group gatherings, no extra charge, first come first serve basis.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: 5/5. Latte was pretty well done. Espresso was pulled well and milk was at the right temperature. A lot better than the other Korean chain joint Hollys. Love the sugared toast that is served together with the coffee. Very thoughtful. Didn’t try the food as we were there after a filling lunch.

Portion: Good size cup.

Service: 5/5. I have to say they are really good for their service.

Ambience: 5/5. Full points! Renovation is not cheap!

Price: RMB$28 per cup.

RTE: If I’m in that area, of course!

Location: 南山区东滨路4076号中泰艺术名庭一栋1-2楼. Tel: 86660168. They just opened another one at 福田区车公庙泰然六路深业泰然大厦E座一楼 which I’ll review in my later posts. 🙂

Re+ Cafe – Xiamen, Guangdong, China


Walk passed this cafe a few times before deciding to pop in and have a look. To my surprise, the deco inside is very detailed and gave me a very nice homely feel. Again, I’ll let the pics do the talking. 🙂

Limited alfresco area
Retail display
Stairs to upper level
2nd floor. Didn’t go up as my knee was hurting from a lot of walking.

Leading to the washrooms
Latte was a tad weak for my liking. Saw them preparing the coffee, very different from what I was taught in Australia.
If I remember correctly, his name is Coco. A stray dog which was hanging outside this cafe for sometime before they decided to adopt him as a resident dog! Very cute and ever ready to play with kids!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Latte was prepared a different way but good thing it was served hot. Didn’t try the mains or cakes ‘cos in Xiamen, you’re full all the time!

Portion: 3/5.

Service: 5/5. Very hospitable and they make you feel at home. The lady boss would be there usually at night.

Ambience: 4.5/5. A lot of efforts done to do up this place. However the front part of the cafe is a little warm during summer.

Price: If I’m not wrong, it’s RMB$16. Very affordable as compared to the branded ones.

RTE: If I’m staying around that area again I would.

Location: 思明区鹭江道274-5号(开禾路口). Just behind the hotel I stayed Tel: 0592-2224690