Jean Pierre Sancho Cafe – Perth City, Australia

Was here on my second day in Perth after my grueling first day at the coffee school. It was a Sunday so many places were closed. I spotted this place while driving and all really by chance. So I parked the rented car on the side of the road and went into the cafe to place my order. To my surprise, this cafe has many awards for their bakery and also some business of the year for 2012. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Pretty good but could be better if they can heat up for us. The raisin and croissant were good! … Continue reading Jean Pierre Sancho Cafe – Perth City, Australia

Blue Rock Cafe – Perth, Australia

Hey y’all! Finally I found some time to update this blog as I’ve just started Have loads of backlogs to update hence will be juggling this blog, and So please be patient with me! Ok Blue Rock Cafe was the first place I had my meals alone on one of the mornings and with my friends for dinner. Quite a gem really ‘cos no one would have thought a cafe at the far ends of Hay Street would serve such good food! I had my brekkie here as well as dinner. Food is really good and compliments … Continue reading Blue Rock Cafe – Perth, Australia