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Cape Lavender – Margaret River, Western Australia


Actually didn’t know this place existed but I wanted to check out the place after finding it on Google. Not very popular yet ‘cos lack of publicity. The lady owner Bev (If I can remember her name clearly)  is not very well verse with social media amd even her website is not up also. But she’s getting the hang of Facebook now, at least her page is up. 🙂

I don’t usually write about stores or shops but Bev is really very passionate about her products and she and her staff/friend loves making them almost every morning. She use to have a plot of land cultivating lavender but decided to focus in making the products instead. She now works with other farms where she gets her supplies from. Her products are all handmade using pure Lavender to make them. She has a whole range of products from cosmetics like facial cream, nail balm to edible stuffs like jams and honey (See there’s food!). While you’re there, don’t forget to sit down, chill out over a Lavender scone and coffee. Their Lavender ice cream is a hit too!

This Cape Lavender is not to be confused with another establishment with the same name located in Swan Valley. Located in Metricup of Margaret River region, this place is a little out of the town area, about 25km up north. Nevertheless, just take a straight drive up north on Bussell Hwy, turn left on Metricup Road, and then left again into Carter Road. If you prefer a more scenic drive like I do, go by Caves Road then turn right into Metricup Road. The roads in Western Australia are really easy, you won’t get lost!

Signage you see when you turn in Carter Road
A warehouse converted to a store front
Cosmetics stuff…
More cosmetics… bought the face cream which is quite good and aromatic.
Bought the big candle and eye pillow also which I’m currently using. The honey is behind, bought 2 bottles for my plain yoghurt… really awesome!
Bev and me!
Dave, the friendly old dog! Loves a pat on his head and will bark when you stop!
Check out the Lavender Ice Cream
Bev has Lavender wines also. Check with her if she has more supplies! 🙂

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Honey, jams and ice cream is awesome! Wine is alright ‘cos I don’t drink much. ;P

Portion: Average.

Service: Warm and friendly.

Ambience: Very quiet ambience with trees all around. Hope Bev can put more garden tables and chairs so more people can come chill out! 🙂

Price: A little pricey but all handmade and using pure ingredients. It’s worth it.

RTV (Return To Visit): Yes definitely when I’m in Perth next. I need more honey!!!

Location: Or you can visit their FB page at

Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery – Margaret River, Western Australia


Spotted this place on Google maps and I can’t believe I have not tried this place before from all my previous visits to WA! This place is a little far out from Margaret River town area but the drive is definitely worth it! I was so surprise to see they have such awesome views of the vineyard, pond and greenery, just sets you in the mood for good food and drinks! Check out the many pictures I took.

This is the sign you’ll see on Caves Road
The resident dog of Cheeky Monkey will come and greet you when you park your car at the back. Very friendly dog and loves a good pat! Forgot her name though… ;P Think it’s Louise?
Before you enter the restaurant
Fireplace inside
Many awards
The brewery side
Men at work!
Some ale and cider.
Very nice Chilli Mussels for AUD$29.50! Comes with a 6 inch baguette.
Ok only Buffalo Style Spicy Wings for AUD$14.50. But really spicy, which I like! 🙂
Pretty good King Prawn Tacos for AUD$12.50.
The Gorilla Pizza for AUD$23. Basically it’s vegetarian pizza with mushroom and sun dried tomatoes. Very nice.
The view…
The view on the other side…
Killerby store beside the restaurant
As I was driving out, I took a snap shot of the views and didn’t realise there was a rainbow until I was back in my hotel!

Rating: 5/5. Full marks for everything!

Taste: Really very good. The wings are not seasoned through though, but the blue cheese mayo sauce (I think) it comes with offsets the taste.

Portion: Above average.

Service: Very good. The staff came out to make sure we enjoyed our food.

Ambience: Need I say more?

Price: Including the drinks it’s around AUD$100.

RTE (Return To Eat): Yeah yeah yeah!!!

Location/Contacts/Opening Hours:

Cottage Cafe @ The Berry Farm – Margaret River, Western Australia


Was here in 1995 and 2008 and this time I finally am writing about this place. Reason because I haven’t started this blog back then. ;P. This place changed a lot since and a lot more well laid out and more spacious. Few things didn’t change though; that is the freshness of the food and the company of the birds. 🙂 This is a must-go location for a nice brunch and buying back in house made relishes, jams, ciders, vinegars, fruit ports, friut wines, etc., for family and friends!

You’ll see this signage outside the farm before entering
Opening hours
Really nice ambience for brekkie or lunch.
This board shows the specials of the day… there is another menu
Me cam whoring
Berry Farm Taste Plate For Two @ AUD$40
Taste Plate comes with Turkish bread
Sausage & Mash Potato
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Didn’t finish, I packed back actually
Birds will come and beg for food…
They have friends and come really close
Berry Farm shop
Berry Farm Shop… they have evolved to many product lines.
Jam samples for tasting
Sampling for relishes and sauces

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Taste of nature. And the sauces and relishes are made by them. Really awesome!

Portion: Slightly above average.

Service: Very good.

Ambience: AWESOME!

Price: Total around AUD$75. The Taste Platter was AUD$40.

RTE: As always!


Settlers Tavern – Margaret River, Western Australia


This is one of the hottest tavern in Margaret River region. My second time here and just love the food and beers. They have ciders on the tap and they are just awesome. Portions are huge, you can order 2 entree and share with 3 pax. I believe the band plays on weekends… but not my type of genre… Nevertheless, this is a place to hang out for dinner and drinks when you’re in Margaret River! Free and ample parking!

Inside the tavern… can be quite warm during winter.
Best business 2012
5% alchohol ciders
Angus beef steak with calamari
Surf & Turf

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Food is nice, but not something I would scream about. The calamari’s batter is not crispy… hence quite disappointing. I should have tried their catch of the day by hand line.

Portion: Above average

Service: Excellent. You get greeted when you enter and they attend to you all the time. Orders will be have to be placed at the counter where the menu board is.

Ambience: Very tavern-like, wooden counters, tables and chairs, a little too warm for me during winter.

Price: AUD20-30 for the entrees, AUD9.50 for the beers/ciders on the tap. Didn’t try anything else cos too full from the meal! You can hold your credit card at the counter if you’re planning to drink loads.

RTE: Yes everytime I’m there!

Location: 114 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, Western Australia 6285. It’s in the middle of Margaret River, you can’t miss it and that’s how I found it my first time there!

Emu Point Cafe – Albany, Western Australia


When you’re in Albany, this is a place to visit. Not just because of the serenity of the place, but also for what this cafe has to offer. My 3rd time here and this time I was determine to try their food ‘cos previously, we had our meals elsewhere. Truly, the food is really good and at least up to standards for me.

The cafe overlooking the beach at Emu Point
Inside the cafe
Huge Gladiator Burger. Nice and juicy. AUD23.50
Steak Sandwich, very filling. AUD16.50
Crumbled Local Fish & Chips. Nice and flaky. – AUD20.50
Soup of the day – Pumpkin Soup AUD8.50
The view when you’re having your meals outside the cafe.

Rating: 4.5/5. A tad pricey if not a full 5.

Taste: Really good. Fresh and hot. Water is free on the house in bottles.

Portion: Above average. Small eaters may wanna share.

Service: Very good. They cleared our plates once we were finished.

Ambience: Nice and cosy inside and alfresco is scenic. All very quiet and nice just to have a quiet meal.

Price: Total around AUD70+

RTE: Yeah I might. But I may check out the Whaling Wharf for brunch also if possible.

Location: Emu Point, Albany, Western Australia. You can’t miss it ‘cos nothing else at the end.

Riverside Roadhouse – Bannister, Western Australia


Whenever I drive down to Albany from Perth, I would stop by this place for their homemade burgers and soups. They have loads of pies and sausage rolls too. This petrol kiosk basically is a place for people commuting along the Albany Highway to take a break and refill their tanks and stomachs. This trip, I stopped here again to have my favourite burger and to pay my visit to Andy and Robbo as well.

On the left side towards Albany
Awesome burger with loads of veg
Like having a picnic with my latte…
This is either Andy or Robbo… ;P

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Burgers are awesome. Homemade soups are awesome too! Latte is a let down though.

Portion: Burger is big. It fills me up.

Service: One person at the counter and 2 in the kitchen. Pretty friendly though.

Ambience: You can sit inside or outside like I did. Nice and serene. Toilet’s nearby where Andy and Robbo is.

Price: Affordable. AUD$5.80 for the burger I think. Can’t remember.

Location: Albany Highway, Bannister WA 6390, Australia. It’s on Googlemap under same name. About an hour drive from Perth City at 110km/h.

Jean Pierre Sancho Cafe – Perth City, Australia


Was here on my second day in Perth after my grueling first day at the coffee school. It was a Sunday so many places were closed. I spotted this place while driving and all really by chance. So I parked the rented car on the side of the road and went into the cafe to place my order. To my surprise, this cafe has many awards for their bakery and also some business of the year for 2012.

Store front
Alfresco sitting on the outside
Yeah got steps up to the counter… quite a weird design inside actually
Look at all the pastries!
Our orders
My latte

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Pretty good but could be better if they can heat up for us. The raisin and croissant were good!

Portion: Slightly bigger than normal.

Service: Could have given a 4.5 or 5 rating ‘cos they refuse to slice the organic loaf which we ordered for takeaway. And the pastries were not reheated for us but I understand some bakeries/cafes feel that reheating will spoil the taste and texture of the pastries.  But I believe light reheating is ok. Latte also took quite long to brew.

Ambience: Seating for 3 or more mainly on the outside. Inside are catered for 1-2 pax seating mostly. Weird staircase in the middle that leads to a shopping mall I think.

RTE: I would if on a Sunday again. 🙂 Otherwise will try other places.

Location: They have 3 outlets but I went to this one at 878 Hay Street, Perth City. Check out their website see last picture.