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See the queue…
Getting there…
This is what’s left at 7pm
Wing, Otak and veg, $2.
Sesame oil chicken, veg and egg, $2


My mum has been frequenting this place for the longest time cos she always tapao for me. So because I have a car now, I managed to check out this place finally and witness the amazing queue at this pure hidden gem eatery.


They basically only sell economical rice but the fried chicken wings are their specialty. Each only at $1. I would prefer to have more curry on the rice so maybe you can ask for more curry sauce. Dishes are pretty tasty overall. Opens for lunch and dinner. Usually not much dishes left after 7pm.


Rice with 1 meat and 2 veg/sides only for $2. Yes, 2 freaking dollars!!!




Self-service for dine in or takeaway. Must order fast cos queue behind quite pressurising! 

Waiting Time:

10-20mins depend on the time and type of queue. Lunch time you’ll get construction workers coming to pack like 10-20 packs!!! So you might wait for half an hour. So good luck!




Block 6 Hougang Avenue 3 #01-78.

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