Tom Yum Goong Oats Porridge

Following up from my previous Instagram post (, I’m gonna try Captain Oats Rolled Oats this time. I believe I’ve used rolled oats for overnight oats as well, but they are actually nicer if you cook them.

You may have heard of what the benefits of oats are and it’s totally not food for the sick only. I definitely didn’t know that eating oats actually cheer you up! You guys can read more about it here –>
So I was in this adventurous mode and decided to whip up something with the prawns and mini lobsters I caught a few days ago. Tom Yum Goong Oats Porridge immediately came to my mind, and it’s my first time cooking oats in savoury porridge style.

Captain Oats Rolled Oats
Looks good right? They are actually slightly crispy cos they lightly toast it to prolong the shelf life.
What I caught!
After de-shelling them, i have like 30 prawns and 3 mini lobsters!
Add in some Tom Yum paste, about 1 tablespoon
Bring to boil
Add in the juicy prawns
Add in the glorious oats. I use half a cup of oats to 1.5 cups water.
Boil till oats are soft and water is thickening
Add an egg if you want and I would usually go with some greens. So I blanched some broccoli.
I would dress it up with some fried shallots to up the yums level
Voila! It basically taste like brown rice porridge, with all the nutrients of course. Really yummy!

So go try your own creative oat based recipes and share it with me and Captain Oats below or hashtag on Instagram #eatwithroy and #captainoatssg. Who knows your recipe might be featured!

Happy cooking!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

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