Today I had an encounter with an overzealous reader who insisted on wanting my mobile number despite on me telling him that I do not share my PRIVATE mobile number with people I do not know and I wasn’t comfortable at all.

I understand you may have some gifts for me or wanna talk to me, trust me if you email or tagged me I will reply. Gifts wise, I really don’t deserve them and also I have no more space at home to have more things in the house. Would be good if you can bless those gifts to someone who needs it more than me.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not being unfriendly. I just need my own private space. And if you keep insisting on having my mobile number when I refuse to is totally not respecting me. So if you don’t respect me, I will reciprocate.

So let’s continue to enjoy the social media space and please don’t let your overzealousness block you out from interesting content coming from bloggers like us.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Goodnight y’all!

Yours gastronomically,

Big Roy