Revealing The Bodum Mystery

Alright I reckon it’s about time that I write on this amazing glass that is used at BLACK&INK coffee bar. Some may not know how and why this glass is so amazing so I am gonna reveal the main functions and attributes over here. For those who know me on a personal level, they may be laughing their butts off for this whole blogpost but I just have to do this once and for all.

1. Bodum Is Made Of Glass

Yes, believe it or not, it is made of glass and not plastic. Don’t believe me, check out At the same time, these glasses are very delicate. And they will crack if you use the dessert forks or spoons to knock on them… 

2. Unique Features

The unique features of Bodum glasses are:

For Hot Drinks:

  • It prevents your hands from being scalded with the double-wall glass. 
  • It keeps your drinks hot/warm for a longer time.

For Iced Drinks:

  • It keeps your drinks cool for a longer time. 
  • It prevents condensation on the outside so your tables will not be wet and leave watermarks. 

3. Vacuum Release Valve

The piece of plastic/silicon at the bottom of the glass is to release hot air from the vacuum in between the walls and also to prevent water from seeping into the glass. IT IS NOT FOR PEELING OFF…

4. Price

A pair of these Bodum Pavina glasses cost S$30-$40 easily depending on where you are. So yeah, they are very expensive designer glasses. 

Ok now that I have revealed the mysteries behind this amazing glass, so please exercise care when you next encounter it ok? 😉

I’m Not Made Of Plastic,

Big Roy