Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice 大中潮州卤鸭饭 – Sims Place, Singapore

I’ve been frequenting this Sims Drive  Market and Food Centre for the longest time, especially before I moved to China and I had a car. To be honest, this food centre is a little troublesome to get to ‘cos there’s only one bus number 64 that reaches there. If take MRT, you’ll have to walk like 800m to get there and perhaps another 800m to walk back. So I was there one day running some errands and I decided to visit my old stalls of Teochew Kuehs and fried carrot cake (search under ‘sims place’ on eatwithroy.com) 

I was checking out the front rows if there were any new stalls and there I spotted this very familiar duck rice stall. Was greeted by the couple whom I always call Big Brother and Big Sister in teochew. Was totally surprise to see them as I’ve not seen them for ages! They used to be at circular road just beside Kiliiney Kopitiam and have since moved here due to rental hikes. For those who were my colleagues or those who were working at Raffles Place 10-20 years back, you’ll know them. The couple is doing well but traffic there could be better. Like I said before, accessing there is a challenge and youngsters nowadays mostly go for airconditioned places only. Whatever it is, I’m happy I found them, and now I know where to get my Teochew braised duck fix!


Stall front
For one person, with additional gizzard and egg. $5.80
Rice is how Teochews like it, a little on the dry side, and a must to shower it with the braised sauce! Soup looks clear but really nice, tasted like salted szechuan veg with many ducks scalded in it before.

I kid you not, I believe the meat is more tender than last time at Circular Road! Meat is braised through in and out, very rare nowadays!
See how the sauce soaks all the way inside the gizzard. Damn good lah!

Chilli sauce typical teochew style using vinegar to cut the fattiness and enhance the taste!

Showing my respect for good food and no wastage

Rating: 5/5. 

Taste: Over 2 decades of culinary perfection, I cannot describe anymore how this wins me over everytime. The sauce is just full of spices and flavour, some may say it’s a little salty but you’re suppose to eat with your rice… If not salty enough, the duck wouldn’t taste good. All I can say this version is the best so far I tried from them. 

Portion: Average

Service: Brought to table. 

Ambience: Hawker Centre, big fans, good natural lighting, lots of pigeons scavenging but will fly if humans nearby.

Price: $5.80. All depends on what you order. They have duck liver and pork belly too. 😉

RTE: Planning in process…

Location: 49 Sims Place #01-04 (Directly opposite block 52). Hours: Daily 8am to 1-2pm, while stocks last.