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Hey y’all!

Sorry I haven’t been writing for the longest time because of my new venture. If you guys have been following my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been to Melbourne, Japan and Chiangrai all in the month of December and most recently, I’ve also started a coffee bar BLACK&INK (www.fb.com/blackandink or Instagram @blackandink). It has been a very hectic 2 weeks since our opening, and we have been blessed with great support from friends, relatives and fellow food bloggers! And some friends whom I haven’t met since leaving secondary school! Seems like BLACK&INK is gonna be a great catch up place for my ex-classmates and ex-colleagues!

Anyways I will be commencing on writing on my trip to Melbourne and the places I’ve been starting with this post! Yes, plane food again. To be honest I like plane food. Especially the longer flight ones. This time I took a joint flight between Qantas and Emirates and I must say their in-flight food is pretty awesome. Love the additions of snacks in the middle of the tray to the usual mains and desserts. Check out the pics below.

My dinner
This is how I heat up my buns! haha
Smoked Salmon
Yummy chicken
Snack pack
Focaccia biscuit
Part of the snack pack, I ate with the focaccia biscuits
Snack pack
Snack pack
Quite nice to go with your Table Crackers
Pretty good peach cake
Coffee very watered down

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Yummy as compared to the some other flights I’ve taken.

Portion: Above average.

Ambience: Comfy.

Service: Below average. I had to go to the galley behind myself to grab an orange juice.

RTE: Yes, I would love to fly with them again.

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