Writing keeps me going and away from insanity. More so in my current situation. However, lately I have a climbing readership on eatwithroy.com and more ‘Likes’ on Facebook. That keeps any writer/reviewer/critic going and wanna write more. (Thank you guys!) Better still, you get invitations for media sampling and sometimes your constructive reviews help these restaurants twitch their product and services to be more attractive.

However I got a new review request from a friend in the US working in this gaming app company Seriously. Yes, seriously Seriously. Check out the image of the game below:


The GUI is definitely appealing and as you can see there are many stages to the game. I was thinking, oh no, not another Candy Crush… Well, same concept of stages but the game itself is different.



You get to unlock friends to help you to clear stages, get new additions to the challenges as you move up the stages, generate power gems as you clear the items that will boost your monster friends. Seems easy from the start but I believe it’ll get tougher when I hit level 30 or something like that.

This game I believe is targeted more to kids, ladies or peeps that just wanna kill some time waiting for something… Or someone. I have not completed many levels to comment further so why don’t you guys try it yourself? It’s free to download for now, check out the link here: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/best-fiends/id868013618?mt=8. You can play it in the bus or train, toilet, waiting for your partner, etc. ;P

Let me know if you like the app! Have fun guys!

Big Roy

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