Restoran G & D (佳肴城海鲜饭店) – Labis, Johor, Malaysia


I was visiting a colleague’s house in this remote parts of Johor recently and we had our dinner here. I tried to google and see if any one has written about this place and apparently not… at least in English.  Anyways this place is THE RESTAURANT in Labis town and everyone knows where this place is. The default place for all weddings, birthdays, family dinners, gatherings, etc. I heard so much about this place prior to my visit and was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into all their specialities, especially the reknown Hokkien Mee. See pics below with descriptions:

Restaurant front
Restaurant front
Famous HK Chef Hugo Leong was here!
We were early hence not many people yet..
This tofu dish is pretty darn good with braised minced pork on top. Yums!
Claypot of assorted goodness which I can’t remember what it was.
THE Hokkien Mee… Awesome sauce all soaked up in the fat noodles. One of the best I’ve tried so far.
Pork Ribs in 2 flavours, curry and sweet & sour. Very nice dish especially the curry one.
Fresh steamed fish. Yums!
Sambal Kang Kong in a claypot, very nice!
Very nice dish of assorted sauteed mushrooms and dried chillies. Spicy and oily but tasted good.
Spinach in 3 different eggs and soup stock. Nice soup dish!
Total bill for 10 pax.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Everything tasted good and not too salty. Love the food here!

Portion: Above average.

Service: The lady boss knows my colleagues parents, hence service was naturally good. But overall service to other tables were good as well.

Ambience: Air-con place. Feels like the old restaurants we use to visit like Ban Leong in Singapore.

Price: Damn reasonable. See last pic.

RTE: Definitely! Need to get a car first…

Location: No. 9-16 Jalan Biru, Taman Bandar Jaya, 85300 Labis, Johor. Tel: 07-9254011. GPS: 2°23’4″N   103°1’18″E

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      Big Roy says:

      They are awesome! Really 够味!