Product Review – Jja Jang Men 炸酱面


This product is totally not new ‘cos I had it in while I was in Suzhou. I haven’t tasted the original ones from Korea but this taste pretty good itself. I was first attracted by the large portion but only to find out this 200g pack is actually 100g+100g. Tell you more below:

Packaging with distributor details printed on it...
Packaging with distributor details printed on it…
This sachet of sauce is 100g itself, hence the noodles is another 100g, that’s how you get the net weight of 200g.
The sauce has the basic taste of our thick black soy sauce for chicken rice type but of course there are a lot more ingredients and flavour to it. The sauce itself has onions, potato and some mock meat inside. Totally vegetarian and no MSG.
After mixing up, ready to dig in!


Love the noodle texture. Thick and full of bite. You may have to cook a little longer like 4 mins or so. Love the sauce too. Taste better with some fried onions and white pepper over it. I do not know where this is selling but they are usually selling at the food fairs in Singapore for $5 per pack of 5. Go try it and tell me if you like it too? 😉