Wafflelicious – Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

Been hearing about this place for the longest time, so decided to visit this place one day with a buddy who drives. We arrived the place pretty late, found a table outside the shop and placed our orders inside.

Shop front
Shop front
Choc waffle with earl grey gelato...
Choc waffle with earl grey gelato…
Latte... prepared very poorly
Latte… prepared very poorly

Rating: 3.5/5.

Taste: Waffle is nice with the right crisp on the outside and fluff inside. The earl grey gelato has a nice after taste of tea fragrance. The set back was the latte. Very badly prepared. For S$5, I should have asked them to refund.

Portion: Average.

Service: Pretty understaff.

Ambience: They really need to do something about their ventilation inside. It is so bad that I felt sick just being inside ordering the food… can’t imagine sitting inside having my food.

Price: See last photo.

RTE: Unlikely.

Location: 215F Upper Thomson Road.

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