Updates – June 2014

Hey foodie friends!

I have started work in a F&B wholesale and distribution company dealing with Halal F&B products selling into Singapore at direct factory prices. If you are thinking why am I dealing with Muslim stuffs, please don’t get into that spiral stereotyping zone. I was perhaps once like you too thinking Halal foods are directly related to Muslims but the fact is, apart from the pork issue, Halal F&B products are actually a standard of F&B products manufactured in a certified hygienic environment. Nothing to do with religion. So if you see the logo on the product, you’re perhaps 99% sure the food is hygienic and safe to eat.

I am super busy with this new job and constantly swarmed with work as there are many fundamental things to come up with and building a stronger system in the organisation. Hence I will be writing less and perhaps sharing more with pics and comments below them. This is to keep my momentum of writing and keeping my readers salivating continuously. ;P

At the same time, I should be embarking on writing more reviews on F&B products in the near future as I am encountering some really good products but just because they are from lesser known SME manufacturers without the budgets for marketing. As long as you guys trust my taste buds, you should like those that I reviewed.

Gotta sleep now, but before I do that, I would like to thank everyone for their support again as my unique readership has passed 90,000. Next target will be the awesome 100,000! Will continue to post more good stuffs over here! Thanks guys!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy