Tse Char Stall – Hougang, Singapore


Tse Char (煮炒) simply means ‘Cook & Fry’ in dialect. In other words, these stalls offer dishes that are cooked to the style and taste of the locals. There are many tse char stalls in Singapore and Malaysia, normally found in a coffeeshop or a food centre, each with their own way of cooking the pre-fixed menus, which also can be adjusted when ordering. Totally flexible!

This stall I’m gonna write about is located at a coffee shop near where I live. Really dunno the name of the stall but this is a new stall, maybe a couple of months old, but I decided to try it with my mother as they have BBQ seafood as part of their menu! Not many tse char stalls have this choice! Check out what we ate for 3 pax!

Stall front
Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves $6. Totally missed this when I was overseas! Love the sambal and check out the bottom of the plate, not oily! Very nice.
Prawn Paste Chicken $10 – There were 8pcs and pretty good as they were crispy outside and juicy inside.
Sambal Stingray $10 – Quite good size for $10 and check out the amount of sambal on top… Nice and juicy meat as well.
Claypot Tofu $8 – Love the fact they use siew yoke inside! Typical cantonese style.
Marmite Chicken $12 – These are pretty awesome!
Total bill with 4 bowls of rice only $48! Value for money!

Overall Rating: For the price, this tse char stall is really value for money and taste is pretty good. Love the sambal chilli!

Location: Block 309 Hougang Avenue 5 Coffee Shop