Nasi Lemak – Tiger Airways, Singapore


This is my 2nd time in history writing about flight food(First one was for Jetstar No, I really do have a lot of backlogs for eatwithroy but just wanna highlight the shocks you can get ordering flight food on budget airlines.

I was on my way back to Shenzhen and was damn hungry as I didn’t have any dinner. So I asked the flight attendant what would they recommend. Nasi Lemak was highly recommended. So I decided to order since it’s their best seller and it looks pretty good. So I ordered the set, which is more worth it at S$16.

Looks good right?
The set

So after waiting for like 20 minutes, my food came.

The actual thing…

The portion was so little, I was like I need to eat 4 of these to be full. The rice was around 8cm x 8cm x 2cm in size. It was soggy and very soft. high chance due to freeze/thaw too many times. The chicken was in small pieces and the egg was a little quail’s egg. I was thinking, at least give half a normal egg or 2 quail eggs, I could have felt better. For it’s ala carte price of S$12, it’s something quite hard to swallow! I could have 3 servings of Mizzy Corner’s Nasi Lemaks! Set A, B and C! ( However that said, the chicken rendang tasted pretty decent but I was looking for the sambal chilli which I suspect was at the bottom of the rendang curry.

They gave me a bigger fruit cup ‘cos can’t find the smaller cup for the set. Opening this is a challenge ‘cos the syrup inside is filled to the brim… damn silly if you ask me.

I reckon that’s the price to pay for having your meals so high up. But sometimes it’s good to spend as there are some commissions for the air crew for every sale. So if the service is good for you, buy something! 🙂

Rating: 3/5

Portion: 2/5

Service: 4/5. The crew was too lazy to find the small fruit cup but the lead was good in his service as he recognizes me as a regular with Tiger Airways.

Ambience: NA

Price: S$16 per set, S$12 ala carte.

RTE: Unlikely… unless the crave is too great that I cannot wait till I’m home in SG.