Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak – Changi Village, Singapore

I’m trying to do more videos as much as I can as some places are not conducive enough for me to record. Thanks for the good responses so far my friends, really very encouraging! 🙂

This is my first time trying this stall as I usually have my nasi lemak at the famous ‘international’ one. However that one the standard has dropped quite a bit… reckon they shouldn’t have gone ‘global’… ;P

Anyways what I can say about this stall is, the rice is really nice and fluffy which it looks like Basmati Rice to me (apparently is has slightly lesser calories and carbs as compared to white rice) Not to mention the fragrance from the coconut milk in the rice is totally addictive! Try keep to just one standard serving of rice! It’s TOUGH! I ordered the A set which comprise of a tasty and crispy chicken wing, crispy ikan bilis, egg, cucumber and the awesome sambal chilli. I went around 4pm, already there’s a short queue (queued for around 15 mins)… Can’t imagine during peak hours… My only complain is, the fish is crispy, but not crispy enough, reason is the fish is a little too big… well chicken and egg issue… you want it crispy, lesser flesh and vice versa…

So go try this place and let me know what you think. 😉

Later y’all,

Big Roy