Food Republic (Citygate Outlets) – Tung Chung, Hong Kong


Ok I know Food Republic is a little too mainstream and who doesn’t know Food Republic right? But the fact remains that Singaporeans do go for Singaporean food which they greatly miss when they are base overseas like me! 🙂 However, each Food Republic differs in the array of stalls and that is why this post. 🙂

The below food sampling are over a 3-day period with friends, hence this collage of so much food. Most of them were good and some really con job. Check it out:

Part of the huge Food Republic
Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice – This apparently is the signature stall and is available in every Food Republic
Veg from Chicken rice stall
Tofu from the Chicken Rice stall
Wonton soup from the chicken rice stall
Chicken rice meal wiped out!
The Taiwanese stall
Pan-fried dumplings from the Taiwanese Stall, quite awesome!
Some sour soup form the Taiwanese stall… Not very nice…
Wontons from the Taiwanese stall… not bad
The Korean stall
Korean Beef Noodles… Really con job, just add a few slices of beef, veg and egg with nongshim instant noodles, charged me HK$48 (S$8!) per bowl! The soup is exactly what I cook at home with the seasoning pack from the pack of nongshim korean noodles!
Soy bean curd with brown sugar
Soy bean curd with black sesame paste… Love this a lot!
Unusually big spoon for the soy bean curd…
Coffee from the drinks stall… this coffee although from an auto-dispensing machine, is actually pretty nice. 🙂

Rating: 4/5. There are many other HK and Macau cuisines that we didn’t try. Maybe you can try them and let me know here! 🙂

Taste: In general not bad and much cheaper than those Cha Chan Ting and restaurants. This is where most HKers living around that area ssettle their meals.

Portion: Average.

Service: Average service. However I spotted the cleaning lady using her broom to sweep whatever’s on the table to the floor so she can sweep it up… Quite a shocker actually!

Ambience: Nice well decorated with super high ceiling. Love the powerful air-condition there!

Price: Affordable… Except for the con job Korean beef noodles!

RTE: Yes! At least I will still go for the soy bean curd and coffee!

Location: Level 2 of Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung, Hong Kong.