Top Pot Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan


This bakery actually needs no introduction… they are everywhere in Taiwan… 18 branches in all. They are also established in HK and Shanghai. With 小S advertising for them, their name can only go higher. But my purpose is to draw your attention to their breads. I must say, their bread is really good. Not those soft and light type. This is wholesome and soft, really nice. So when in Taiwan next, try their breads for brekkie or tea. But the crowd is scary during peak hours so be prepared. But after the queue, it’s all worth it. 🙂

Shop front @ Shilin Night Market
Shop front @ Shilin Night Market
Check out their range of breads! Yum!
Look at the crowd at 4pm off peak period… But at least the staff here in this Shilin outlet is very very nice and helpful… Maybe size does really matter… haha
This is their Royal Crown… If you’re a cheese lover, BUY THIS!!! TWD80
Check out the cream cheese inside… awesome!
Forgot the nameof this but there is a menu there you can refer… Not bad too, loads of cheddar inside… TWC100
Cheddar upclose…
Another cheese bread with loads of cream cheese inside… TWD70
Cream cheese not as much as Royal Crown
Scone With Raisins

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Awesome! Really must try!

Portion: Above average.

Service: Shilin branch is excellent!

Ambience: Love the all black decor!

RTE: Hell yeah!!!

Location: 台北市士林區大東路11-7號 ( 距捷運劍潭站步行約 3 分 ) Tel: 02-2883-5122.