Food That I Can Order Up To My Apartment


Some of my friends are wondering what I eat during my time in Shenzhen especially after reading reports on recycled sewerage oil that is being reused in cafes, eateries and restaurants. Well I must say I choose the food pretty carefully. But sometimes you just have to try to know. For example, after eating from an eatery or restaurant, if you get stomach upset, high chance they are using the recycled oil or worse case scenario, their kitchen is unhygienic. So let me show you some of the meals that I get here which I can eat without tummy aches! 🙂

版面 (Ban Mian for RMB$4) - Just noodles with sesame paste sauce and salted vegtables... very nice light meal and cheap some more.
Wan Ton Soup RMB$6 for 25 Wan Tons!!!
Steam Rice with Steam Pork Ribs RMB$12. This is one of the cleaner ones as most of their food is steamed. Quite a healthy choice. 🙂
The pork ribs below the veg...
BBQ fish stuffed with Ku Chye RMB$6
BBQ Oyster RMB$3 - Fresh and succulent!
BBQ Lamb Skewers RMB$1 each. This one very well done... the fire control is super good!
BBQ Bean Skin with Ku Chye inside RMB$1.50
Of course I cook my own meals whenever I can also lah. This is Braised Chicken Drumsticks with egg and bean curd.
My world's best Olive Fried Rice

Have been eating a lot of things but some of which is not worth mentioning. Will try to display more of the dishes of my own cooking when I can find more free time. 🙂 Gotta sign off now, super tired. Nite world!

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