My Encounter With Durians In Shenzhen

Ok think most of my friends know that I love durians. So I was walking by the fruits stall the other day just below my apartment, I saw durians!!! So I bought one since I was craving for it and it costed me almost S$10 for one!

Check out the durian... looks good right? Looks like those bitter sweet durians we find in Singapore right?
It was good until I opened up the durian... see the colour... boring one half... Took a bite, boring one whole... No taste, no smell, not sweet, it's like eating raw tapioca!!! Wah lau eh!!! Pui!
Dunno why I did this... thought the other parts of the durian might taste better... but to my dismay... it sucks totally... This whole lot, down the rubbish bin...

So I wasted $10 on the lousy Thai durian… In Geylang buy the $1 ones I believe still a lot better than this… Now I really miss the durians back home…

Really pui chao nua… no more Thai durians for me unless I can taste it first! Pui!

2 thoughts on “My Encounter With Durians In Shenzhen

  1. I love durians, too. sorry u got the bad one. I think it’s durian season in Thailand now. I wish you luck next time icking up durian.

    1. Hey Tes,
      Yeah I know… that durian was probably Chanee durian. Was hoping it was a Monthong one… So different from the ones I eat in Grungthep. Anyways, will eat to my fill when back in Singapore next month! ;P

      Saw your site, cute little boy! And thanks for sharing your recipes. I’m working on a book, let me know if you wanna let me feature on one or two your best recipes. 🙂 My email is

      So take care and keep in touch. 🙂

      Big Roy

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