Muffins By SCORE Bakery

Got some samples of muffins from SCORE recently which stands for Singapore Corporate For Rehabilitative Enterprises. SCORE is a statutory board set up under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is a member of the Home Team. As part of Singapore’s correctional system, SCORE enhances the employability of offenders and prepare them for the eventual reintegration back to the workforce. SCORE also aims to create a seamless throughcare environment to facilitate their transition from incarceration to community. (Copied from their website :P)

Neat packaging which can be used for giving out for weddings and events.
Pandan Flavour
Pandan inside
Chocolate Flavour

Chocolate muffin inside

Contact Details

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Pretty good and moist inside. At least it’s not dry. Taste is also quite nice. But of course not as good as those which cost $3.50 each at some branded cafes.

Portion: Good size for hi-tea buffets or giveaways.

Price: Call them and ask lah…

RTE: I would like to try their other confectioneries like bread, buns, etc ( Not forgetting they also have catering services. So if any of you guys ever order from them, please post here or invite me to try! 🙂 Check out their Halal catering at

Location: Contact them for more details.

Notes: If we don’t give them a chance, who would?