Tian Ji Porridge (天记粥品) @ Maxwell Food Centre

Think some of you saw my status on Facebook that I was meeting an equally crazy friend for porridge at Maxwell Food Centre at 6.30am… well this is the review lor! Struggled to get up last Sat morning… reached there at almost 7am… was late lah cos of work… sigh… The stall is located at the 2nd row, left side from the middle entrance from the open carpark. For those who always frequent Maxwell for lunch or dinner, you must be wondering how come this stall is always close… Reason is, they open from 4am to 8am… by 7.30am, they start running out of everything!

But at that unearthly hour, a lot of people are already waiting for their orders… So I went there show my face and he still remembers my old orders from many years ago… amazing chap. Waited for about 10mins only, our orders came.

The stall... My Sony cam does not have low light function which is why I'm looking at a new one now from Canon...
My favourite raw fish! Very fresh, loads of veg and very well mixed seasoning!
See, low light not nice... sigh... I need a new cam!!!
See how fresh the fish is... and very well cut without any bones at all... some places still have small bones inside...
My bowl of porridge! $3.00
Freshly fried shallots adds to the wonderful taste of the porridge.
A lot of ingredients... that's why this stall is so popular!!!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Smooth, not too salty and taste just right. Raw fish is fresh and lovely…

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: $3.00 for porridge and $4.00 for raw fish

RTE: YES!!! If I can wake up!!!

Location: Stall No. 13, Maxwell Food Centre. (Opens from 4am to 7.30am! Better be there earlier to avoid disappointment)