A Dinner That Inspires Me

Hi friends of eatwithroy!

You must be wondering what happened during dinner tonight…. well I’m not telling! Haha joking lah… of course I will tell if not why bother to write right? ;P

I was with mummy at the Thai Food Restaurant which I wrote about some time last year (http://eatwithroy.com/2009/09/09/thai-food-restaurant-301-ubi-ave-1-01-273/). There I saw a poster of the exact write up I did for Kozine magazine… The old aunty there didn’t know that was written by me until I told her. She immediately thanked me profusely and even the young Thai cook came out to tell me that the write up was given by a customer who came to try the food after reading it on Kozine. He went on to tell me the lunch crowd has grown quite a bit after the write up and he and the old aunty were so grateful that they didn’t want me to pay for our dinner even though I insisted many times.

My write up!
Old aunty getting ready for dinner crowd...
My favourite Tom Yum Soup!

This totally inspires me to write even more on cheap but good food in Asia. Not because of the free food, (it’s cheap remember? So I can afford it!) but because I achieve what I set out to do; which is to help to drive traffic to stalls or eateries that deserve the recognition. I need to give credits to Kozine magazine for believing in what I’m doing and the ultimate goals I’m out to achieve.

As I will be relocated to Shenzhen, China in 2 days time, this blog may be updated less regularly as before. Nevertheless, I will still be blogging if I find any good and cheap food in China!! ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon my friends!


Big Roy