Ok I know I’ve been here like many times already but they have too many things for me to feature. Let me talk about my all time favourites again which is the grilled pork belly… a little fatty only but the flavour is just too good to resist!!! Check it out!

Good price with good selection. That's why I love this place!
My ultimate combo choice... Teriyaki Chicken and Pork Belly... Good that they provide veg in the middle with very appetising sourish sesame sauce
Pork Belly up close... sorry for the chilli flakes... I put that myself lah... hehe...
Chicken up close... chilli flakes again.. ;P
Additional rice for only 90 cents with choice of curry or teriyaki sauce... so I tried the curry one... yummy!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Love the grilled smoky flavour in the meats. Gives anyone the appetite!

Portion: Above average

Price: $6.90 only…

RTE: Yeah once a week!

Location: Level 3 POMO (f.k.a. Paradiz Centre)