I find it really weird… I know a lot of my friends are hitting this blog but to date, only 2 comments… Why no comments leh? I can only deduce the following:

  1. Shy?
  2. My blog post not good?
  3. Never been there to eat before so dunno if it’s good or not?
  4. You don’t know me?

Aiya, you can just talk to me about anything really. Just don’t post nonsense and try to get attention. Let’s make this blog a little more interactive ok? We’re coming to 1500 hits! Small numbers lah but it’s big to me already. 🙂 Don’t just read for fun only, please go support those stalls especially those super unrecognised ones. If you’re feeling a bit rich and want something better, check out the Fine Dining category.

So hope to hear from all of you soon and thanks for many encouraging words in Facebook (eatwithroy page). I hope to write more about the affordable good food I’ve tried and share it with you all.



Big Roy